RFO 2020/21 Notification

 RFO 2020/21 Notification

RFO 2020/21 Notification

Gujarat Public Service Commission Sector – 10 A, Near “Chha-3” Circle, “Chha” Road, Gandhinagar-382010 Phone No.- (079) 23258980


Online applications are invited to select a total of 51 candidates for the following posts under the Forest and Environment Department of Gujarat Government. 

 For this the candidate https: // gpsc ojas.gujarat.gov.in  Dt.  Dated 10/11/2050 (13-00 hrs)  Logging will have to be done during 01/12/2020 (13-00 hours), competitive examination will be held for selection process.  Note: (1) Public examination for this post may be held on.  It will be held on 08/02/2071.  (2) The result of the preliminary examination will probably be admitted in June 2011.  (2) Main written examination probably dt.  It will be held on 9/09/2021, 4/06/2021 and 01/04/2071.  (2) The result of the main written examination will probably be examined in October 2011. (3) Face to face interview will probably be held in November 2021.  & Variety Vacancies Vacancy Vacancies Padi Reserved Vacancies for Women Total Vacancies Padi Reserved Name of Total Deposits Economic Non-Reserved (General)  Shai, u.  a.  Anu.  Nati a.  of Nati economically weaker class non-nominal (general) Sa.  Shai.  4. a.  App.  Yol race anu.  Caste Force Physically Handicapped Soldier Year Percosis Forest Officer, 
Considering the duties of the post, no disabled candidate can apply for these posts.  1.  Citizenship: Candidates for admission in the examination: (a) Margarek of India, or (b) People of Nepal, (c) People of Bhutan, or (d) With the intention of making permanent residence in India.  Immigrants from the designated areas of Tibet, or (2) Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka and East African countries, Kenya, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia, Malawi, Zer, Ethiopia, United Republic of Tanzania  Must be, but persons in type from (b) to (f) will be eligible for appointment only if they have obtained eligibility certificate from Gujarat Government.  .  Application Form: (1) Non-reserved category candidates, if they pay the fee at the post office, Rs.  If you pay 100+ portal charges and online fee, Rs.  100+ service charge fee has to be paid.  Reserved class candidates (economically weaker classes, social and educational)

Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes) and ex-servicemen are exempted from paying fees.  So that she does not have to pay any fee.  (2) Candidates of reserved category will not have to pay application fee if they apply for non-reserved post.  (3) Where reserved seats are not specified in the category for reserved category candidates, such candidates may apply for non-reserved seats and non-reserved criteria for selection will apply to them.  (2) Even if there is no space reserved for women candidates in the advertisement, women candidates can apply in that category.  (3) In the advertisement in which certain seats are reserved for women candidates out of the total seats in that category, except the reserved seats for women candidates, the remaining seats are not to be considered as reserved only for male candidates.  Yes, male as well as female candidates can apply.  (For example, out of the total 10 seats, 03 seats are reserved for women candidates but against the remaining 05 seats, 5 candidates were also selected. (2) Even if there are only seats reserved for women candidates in the advertisement, a male candidate can apply in that category.  As female candidates are not available, male candidates may be considered for selection in these seats, but only those seats which are reserved for women candidates and in which the number of female candidates is fully selected will be considered first.  And if no female candidate is selected or less female candidate is selected, the same number of male candidates will be considered. (2) Candidates who have been declared temporarily successful for the main (written) examination on the basis of the result of the preliminary test will be considered for the main (written) examination.  Fill the online form again, scan the required documents and upload it online on the Commission’s website https://gpsc-iass.gujarat.gov.in 3. Date of Birth (1) Commission for proof of date of birth  S.S.  S. given by the Vaccine Board.  S.  C.  Is.  Only the certificate is valid, but if the candidate believes that the date of birth mentioned in this certificate is incorrect, he / she will have to send a certified copy of the age and blindness certificate given by the competent blind person.  In this certificate, the blindfolded person should clearly state that they are S.C.  S.  C.  Or the original certificate of the equivalent examination has been checked and based on the evidence presented before him, the correct date of birth of the candidate is ……….., which is S.  S.  C.  That its equivalent is different from the date of birth shown in the examination certificate and there is good reason to believe.  The decision of ૨ acceptance or rejection ઉમેદ will be taken by the commission on the basis of the credentials of the candidate and the age certificate of the candidate.  (2) The date of deposit mentioned by the candidate in the application form cannot be changed later for any reason.  .  Age and concessions in it: (1) The age mentioned in the advertisement will be considered on the last date of acceptance of the application.  (2) On the last date of acceptance of application, the candidate should have completed 30 years and should not have completed 5 years.  (3) The following concessions are available in the upper age limit mentioned in the advertisement.  9 Candidates belonging to Scheduled Caste of Native Gujarat, Scheduled Five years (up to a maximum of 5 years) Tribes, Socially and Educationally Backward Classes and Economically Weaker Class Candidates of Scheduled Castes of Native Gujarat, Improper Ten Years (  , Socially and Educationally Backward Classes are aged, excluding, maximum 6 years and economically weaker class women candidates will get exemption in the limit.) 3 Non-reserved (General) Women candidates 5 years (Maximum 3 years limit)

X 4 Ex-servicemen, E.C.O.  , SC, O In addition to the service created in the Integrated Defense Service (candidates for at least five years of Defense Service), another three years of Gujarat Government employees;  Employees of Gujarat Civil Service Gujarat Saka are not eligible for any age limit and class and recruitment (general) rules, 18 types of concessions.  As per the provisions of the Government of Gujarat, employees who have been working in the Government of Gujarat on a permanent or temporary basis for six consecutive years and their first appointment has been made within the age limit specified in the advertisement space. Candidates with physical disability.  1) Candidate for the examination is a university established under the Act of Parliament or State Legislative Assembly.  Must have 50 Natak degrees in one of the following subjects of another educational institution established as  (i) Botany, (ii) Chemistry, (iii) Geology.  (iv) Mathematics, (v) Physics, (vi) Statistics, (vii) Zoology.  (viii) Microbiology, (ix) Biotechnology, (x) Bio-chemistry, (xi) Environmental science, (xii) Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science, (xiii) Agriculture, (xiv) Forestry, (xv) Horticulture, (xvi)  Engineering / Technology, B.Sc (Agriculture), B.Sc (Horticulture), and B.Sc (Forestry) Degrees from the above mentioned degrees Central Agriculture Universities Act de Central Horticulture Universities Act Real State Agriculture Universities Act Regi State Horticulture Universities Act  Must have Ridala 22111t / altoe Univarini.  In addition the candidate who has B.Sc. with the main subject of Forestry (Forest Science).  They will be eligible to get 10% extra marks out of the total marks obtained in the main examination and face to face interview.  (3) Candidates who have completed 60 years of age by the last date of acceptance of application form and have appeared or will appear in the last semester / year examination of the degree of prescribed qualification but whose result has not been declared may apply for the preliminary examination, but  They should have obtained the degree of educational qualification mentioned in the advertisement by the last date of application for the main examination. (2) They should have basic knowledge about the use of commuter as decided in Gujarat Civil Service Classification and Recruitment (General) Rules, 1LK2, such qualification.  Candidates with interest will not be eligible for appointment.  (3) Candidate should have adequate knowledge of Gujarati or Hindi or both languages. 3. Minimum required physical standard for candidates: SHI Details Height Chest Size (cm) * qol (cm) Inflated Inflated Inflated (kg)  .) Chest without chest proportion (cm) (cm) (cm) for male candidate Scheduled Caste for male candidate for female candidate 15 Scheduled.  9994 X CX 4 40 990 99 21 yo 3 ૪૫ 949 મહિલા for Tribal Women Candidate

Candidates with the following physical / monthly disability will be considered eligible for the post.  (1) Knock knee (2) Squint eye (3) Flat feet (4) Varicose veins Hammer toes (5) Fractured limbs (6) Communicable skin disease (7) Color blindness (8) History of psychiatric aliments.  Successful candidates to be recommended by the Commission will have to take a walking test organized by the Forest and Environment Department, male candidates will have to complete 5 km and female candidates will have to complete 15 km walking test in the prescribed art.  Candidates who fail the first attempt in the Walking Test will be given one more chance, but if the candidate fails in this opportunity, lov will be given.  .  Salary scale: p.  (1) Pay Matrix Level of BR-3, L00-1,9,900 and other allowances as per rules.  (2) No increase will be given in the above mentioned places during the trial period.  However, if the probationary period is satisfactorily completed by the competent authority, the increase will be approved.  (3) The salary of persons employed by the Gujarat Government shall be fixed in the above pay scale in accordance with the Gujarat Civil Service Rules.  (2) F5J: The work to be assigned from time to time for the space related to the work.  (3) Opportunities for promotion: Candidates appointed to the above posts who are eligible for promotion to the above posts as per the recruitment rules of that post.  .  Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Socially and Educationally Backward Classes and Economically Weaker Classes: (1) Only candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Socially and Educationally Backward Classes and Economically Weaker Classes originally from Gujarat will benefit as reserved class candidates.  .  (2) To give the details of Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Caste, Socially and Educationally Backward Class and Economically Weak Class in the application form.  (2) If the candidate does not indicate the reserved category in the relevant column of the application forms, then the claim of availing the benefit as a candidate of the reserved category will not be considered valid. (3)  A copy must be incorporated with the application.  If the total of the certificate is not included with the application form, it will not be accepted later and the application form will be eligible.  (2) Socially and Rationally Backward Class Candidates will be eligible only if they are not included in the “Advanced Class”. (3) (a) Socially and Educationally Backward Class Candidates are not included in the Higher Class.  Date of the Department of Justice and Darkness: Certificate as per Gujarati Appendix ‘Appendix-A’ prescribed by the Irrawaddy of 04/08/1 or as per the newly prescribed Gujarati sample ‘Appendix-2’. (2) (b) Social Justice  And maximum validity of ‘Certificate not to be included in Advanced Class’ issued as per Resolution No. Sashap / 19013/4 / A dated 3/06/2017 of the Department of Empowerment – will be for three financial years including the year, i.e. this certificate.  Must be issued on or after 01-09-2017, but such certificate must be issued by the last date of online application for the relevant advertisement, if this certificate is issued during this period, it will be valid otherwise  Will be valid of h, (2) (a)  Married women candidates will have to submit such certificate in the context of their parents’ income.  If such candidates have submitted in respect of their husband’s income, their application will be rejected.  (1) (d) The details of the ‘Certificate of Non-Admission to Advanced Class’ which the candidate has mentioned while applying online should be attached with the same.  Even if the candidate gets a new certificate after the last date of advertisement due to an error in such certificate, only the certificate mentioned in the online application will be valid to be eligible as a socially and educationally backward class candidate.  (3) (e) Criteria are considered for issuing a certificate of non-inclusion in the above category, the validity of certificates is now three years, but if any of the above criteria is deducted during this period, its self-declaration is 95 to the concerned candidate.  And if any change is made in the certificate by his / her parents / guardians regarding the behavior, then the Gujarat Public Service Commission will have to be formed.  If the candidate / parent / guardian hides any details by making such an announcement, he / she will be liable for legal action and the benefit of the reservation obtained by them will be eligible.  It will be the responsibility of the parent / guardian individually and jointly to voluntarily announce the change in any of the criteria for obtaining the certificate in the upper class only – – Corpse 1

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Term (2) Candidates belonging to economically weaker sections should submit the prescribed form from the Resolution No. of the Department of Social Justice and Darkness of the State Government dated 3/01/2018: EWS / 19013 / 5PL 03 / A.  (Annexure KH in English or Appendix-C in Gujarati) The number and date of the certificate obtained financially for the strength classes should be shown online at the time of application.  This Certificate of Eligibility should be issued by the last date of online application for the relevant advertisement, if the No Certificate is issued during this period, it will be valid only otherwise it will be valid one, (2) the existing provision of Govt.  According to the reserve category candidates are selected on the basis of their merits if they are selected on the basis of their merit without taking leave in the prescribed criteria (i.e. age limit, qualification of experience, other field extended beyond the non-reserved category candidates).  2) The request for subsequent disclosure of the details of the candidate in the application will not be accepted. If a candidate has not submitted the certificate of the prescribed specimen issued within the prescribed period, his application will be considered invalid.  Will come and they will also be considered against the unreserved space of h.  Note-1: Social Justice and Empowerment Department No. 2: EWS / 19018 |  ૪ Pal 03 / A, Ta.  Eligibility Certificates for Economically Weaker Classes (EWS) will be considered valid for three years from the date of issue as per the provision of 2.02.2030.  But Ta.  5,01.2018 to date.  To avail the extended period of EWS Certificate issued till 12.09.2017, the candidate has to increase the guarantee of his family income and qualify as per the eligibility criteria prescribed for the purpose of reserve of State Government in the specified form from the appendix with the above resolution.  Will remain.  The candidate will have to attach this guarantee along with the certificate at the time the commission requests the EWS certificate.  The benefit of reserve for misuse of this provision is voidable and the candidate is liable for legal action, so that before availing the benefit of the extended period, the candidates are asked to study all the provisions of the aforesaid 6R, from 3.01.2018.  With regard to the extension of EWS certificate issued till 15.03.2018.  Details of the guarantee must be obtained from https://gpsc.gujarat.gov.in/Documents/AdvertismentDocument/EWS SELF – DECLERATION FORM.pdf yell.  Note-2: Inchav No. of Social Justice and Empowerment Department;  Rashap / 2018/3 / A, Ta.  Subject to the provisions of 18,09,2050.  1,08.2018 to date.  31,03,2018 and dt.  Dated from 01,3,2018  Non-Creamy Layer Certificate issued during 31.09,2018 will also be considered valid, but with the certificate issued during this period, the candidate should submit his / her “Non-Advanced Class Certificate”.  (No Creamy Layer Status) and they are eligible for the State Government’s reserve for the purpose of qualification of the said qualification. The affidavit shall be given in the form prescribed by the appendix with the above. When the Commission seeks NCLC certificate.  At that time the candidate will have to attach this guarantee along with the certificates. Misuse of this provision will result in disqualification and the candidate will be subject to legal action so that the candidates have studied all the above provisions before availing the benefit.  If you are asked to take, then, the certificate of inclusion in the advanced class issued between 01,09,2018 to 31.05.2018 and from 01.09.2018 to 1,09.2018 ”.  (Non Creamy Layer Certificate)  Original https://gpsc.guiarat.gov.in/Documents/Advertisment Document / NCLC SELE – DECLERATION FORM.pdf should be obtained.  .  Ex-serviceman: (1) Ex-servicemen candidates will have to give details in the application form.  (3) The ex-serviceman candidate should send a copy of the discharge book along with the application form.  (2) Date of General Administration Department: (Resolution No .: 6/2/2018: As per ISH 108M-3 provision, floor, soldiers are exempted from paying the cost of AGP sheet, 2G fee and examination fee. 10, Women Candidate  : For women reserved seats, if suitable female candidate is not available, the seat may be allotted to male candidates of that category, if the candidate is included in the reserved class, ex-soldier, widow or widow in more than one of the options.  Among the options that apply to it, you will find the one that will benefit you the most

11.  Widow Candidates: As per the prevailing rules of the year, 5 (five) percent of the total marks obtained by the widowed candidates will be added to the preliminary examination, main written examination and face to face interview.  But they should not be remarried at the time of recruitment and appointment.  In addition, when the office of the commission asks for it, all its evidences will have to be submitted to the office of the commission.  13.  Certificate of Objection: (1) Blinds / Employees serving in Government Semi-Government / Government-Owned Corporation Companies of Gujarat Government may apply immediately with reference to the Commission’s announcement and the candidate should inform his department / office from the date of application.  9 must be done invariably.  If the candidate’s employer notifies him within 30 days after the last date of submission of application, his application will be rejected and his candidature will be rejected.  (2) Candidates who are employed by the Central Government or any other State Government shall attach the No Objection Certificate of the Appointing Officer with this application.  13.  Disqualified Candidate: If the candidate has ever been declared disqualified by Gujarat Public Service Commission or other Public Service Commission or other government / semi-government body, the details of his disqualification should be given in the application form.  If the time is running, such a candidate will be eligible to be a candidate.  13.  Computer Knowledge Must

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13.  (3) Oral Test: 100 Marks (2) Course: (a) The syllabus of the Preliminary Examination (objective type) is posted on the Commission’s website.  While (b) The syllabus of the main examination (written) will be posted periodically on the website of the Commission https://gpsc-ojas.gujarat.gov.in.  (2) The standard of Gujarati paper will be the same as the Gujarati subject (higher level) of Std-12 of Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board.  (2) The standard of English paper will be the same as the English subject (lower level) of Std-12 of Gujarat Higher Secondary Education Board.  (3) The standard and syllabus of question papers-2 and 3 and 4 will be at graduation level.  (2) Preliminary examination is only screening test whose marks will not be taken into consideration for final selection.  (10) Based on the result of the preliminary examination, about 15 (fifteen) times of the total posts mentioned in the advertisement will be admitted to the main examination.  (11) The medium of Prajapatra-1 Gujarati language and question paper-2 English language of the main examination shall be Gujarati and English respectively.  Question Paper-2 General Study-1, Prajapag-2 General Study-2 and Prajapag-P General Study-3 The medium of question paper will be Gujarati and English.  The answers to these questions can be given in Gujarati or English.  13.  Admission in the examination: (1) Every candidate who applies with the required fee will be allowed to sit in the preliminary examination without checking the AG.  (3) The application forms received from the candidates will be verified as per the provision of allowance and advertisement and the candidates satisfying this provision will be given admission in the main written examination.  However, if such verification is done only after the main written examination, the candidates should definitely take note that the candidature of the candidates who do not satisfy the required provision as per the verification will be done at any stage.  (3) The decision of the Commission regarding admission in the main written examination shall be final and any correspondence against the decision of the Commission shall be taken into consideration.  13.  Details of Examination Centers: (1) Preliminary Examination will be held at Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. If a large number of candidates come, the Commission will also conduct examination at other examination centers in Risvai.  Physical Ability Test and Physical Measurement Test and Main Written Examination will be conducted at Ahmedabad / Gandhinagar and Oral Test at Gandhinagar.  (2) Information of place of examination, date of examination, time of examination for preliminary examination will be posted on the website of the Commission https://gpsc-ojas.gujarat.gov.in  Candidates have to download from .gov.in website.  For this the Commission will publish in the newspaper.  (3) Candidates shall appear at their own cost in the Preliminary Examination, Physical Ability Test and Physical Measurement Test, Main Written Examination and Oral Test.  (3) To pay the candidates of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to come to Gandhinagar for oral test from their place of residence to Gandhinagar and from Gandhinagar to the place of residence to pay second class railway fare or if ST, fare as per the rules of Saka.  Will come.  13.  Oral Test (1) Approximately three times the number of marks obtained by the Commission in the main written examination (Candidates will be called for Oral Test. (2) It is mandatory for the candidate to be present in this test.  20. Result: (1) The final result will be placed on the notice board and website of the Commission and this result will be sent for publication in the Official Gazette.  (3) The seat number of the candidates who have failed in this result and the marks obtained by them will be placed on the Notira Board of the Commission. 51. Score: (1) Candidates wishing to obtain the mark sheet of the main examination shall after the final result of oral examination be declared.  Code of Rs. 30-00 in the name of the Commission, Gandhinagar ”.  (2) In this application the candidate has to appear for the examination  Name, publicity number, his / her name, seat number and details of the examination should be shown.  (3) Candidates will be sent their mark sheets by post, application for 5 mark sheets within 15 days from the date of announcement of final result at the end of oral test.  Applications received after this period will be considered invalid.  .  Re-verification of marks: (1) Candidates who wish to have their marks in the main examination verified can apply to the Commission on the basis of the result of the main examination at the end of face to face examination within thirty days from the date of announcement of final result with a fee of Rs.50-00 per paper.  .  (3) The candidate has to show the name, seat number, and name / address of the examination.  (3) Fee 2G with cash or B.P.O.  Will be accepted at the office counter by.  (2) Candidate can send this 2G by post.  With such application only 5 Chavshree, Gujarat Public Service Commission, Gandhinagar name code B.P.O.

Will have to send.  (2) Revaluation of answer books will not be done under any circumstances.  (3) The Commission shall take into account any dispute regarding the marks obtained by the candidate except for re-verification of marks.  .  Appointment: (1) Candidates will generally be considered in order of merit for appointment.  But passing the exam does not guarantee the right to be appointed.  (2) No candidate shall be appointed for appointment in the State Service if he is not satisfied after the examination which he deems necessary in all respects.  (3) The appointed candidate has to undergo training as per the rules of the year and has to pass the training examination.  (2) For the appointment of the selected candidates in connection with the above announcement, the Commission shall make a recommendation to the concerned department of the Government.  (2) The appointed candidate shall be required to give security and surety bond for as little time and as prescribed before going for training.  (2) As all the proceedings regarding the appointment are being done by the Government, any correspondence in this regard will be taken into consideration by the Commission.  Trial Time: (1) After the appointment, the selected candidate has to remain on trial for a period of two years.  (2) The trial period may be extended in accordance with the rules laid down by the Government for this purpose.  (3) After the appointment, the candidate will have to pass the Hindi language examination as per the rules and pre-Rowa training, departmental examinations and commando training as prescribed by the Government from time to time.  (5) Candidates whose mother tongue is not Gujarati shall have to pass the Gujarati language examination as per the rules prescribed by the Government.  (2) In case of failure in the examinations, the increase will be stopped or the job will be terminated.  (3) The selected candidates shall join the furj at the time indicated in the letter of appointment and shall perform work anywhere in the State of Gujarat.  How to apply online and pay the application fee: Only online application will be accepted by the Commission in respect of this advertisement.  Candidates will be able to fill online AG at https://gpsc-ojas.gujarat.gov.in from 10/11/2030, 12:00 hrs to 01/12/2030, 12:00 hrs.  Candidate will have to follow the following steps (1) to (12) to apply, (1) First go to https://gpsc-ojas.gujarat.gov.in to apply.  (2) Clicking on the “Online Application” option on the Menu Bar of these sites will show the “Apply” option. As soon as you click there, you will be shown the details of the currently running ads  Candidate against the caste of his choice.  As soon as you click on the “Apply” button, a summary of the advertisement will appear and after that the candidate will be able to go to the online form filling page by clicking on the “Apply” button.  Below this, by clicking on Apply Now, the Application Format will appear. In the Application Format, first of all, the candidate has to fill in the details of “Personal Details” (here is the red jump (*) for Shali.).  In “Personal Details”, the candidate has to give his surname, first name, father’s name, mother’s name, os૨, date of birth, caste etc.  (3) After filling in the Personal Details “Communication Details” in which the candidates have to provide their current and permanent residence address, mobile number and e-mail ID. (2) “Communication Details”  In “Other Details” after filling up, the candidate has to appear for the examination of 3 applicable portfolios (3 details of voting, disability, access to clerk, widow, ex-serviceman, service in state government or any commission or selection board).  Whether you are de-barded or not? Fill in the details, (2) After filling in “Other Details”, the candidate will find himself in “Language Details”. Tick the details about languages, (2) ”  Language Details After filling in “Upload Photograph”, the candidate has to upload a photo of his own good quality and recognizable and acceptable 09 cm length x 2 cm width.  (Photo measures 3 cm in height and 2.5 cm in width and signature  Dimensions 7.5 cm.  Height and width 2.5 cm) (Photo and Signature to upload first your Photo and Signature .jpg Format (10) KB) size should not be in the computer.  ) Click on “Choose File” button  “Button 4 Click sal oligai cara Photo will appear.  Now the signature will also be uploaded in this way.  (2) After filling in “Upload Photograph”, the candidate in “Upload Signature” should sign his / her good quality – recognizable and acceptable sign paper in black / blue color and why it is in JPG format.  Signature is to be uploaded in the measurement of .3 cm length x 2.2 cm width.

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After filling in GIE (2) “Upload signature”, the details of the educational qualifications obtained by the candidate in “Education Details” have to be filled in the details given in the given quotation.  (3) After filling in “Education Details”, the details of the educational qualifications obtained by the candidate in “Essential / Additional Education Details” have to be filled in the given cork, where no percentage is given in the educational qualification.  “Zero” should be filled, (10) “Essential / Additional Education Qualification” should be filled in “Experience Details”. Candidate should fill in the details as per year and date in the experience / job acquired after qualifying himself / herself.  V. Details of other experience can be entered by clicking on “Add Experience”.  (11) After filling in “Experience Details”, the candidate should fill in his / her applicable information in “Additional Information”.  (12) Read “Assurance / Self-Declaration” below it and click on Yes / No in it. (12) Now by clicking on save your data will be saved. Here Application and Confirmation Number of Candidate  Will be generated by the candidate which will be kept by the candidate and from now on he / she will have to show these details in any correspondence with the Commission in respect of this advertisement.  If you want to add, go to the “Edit” option and the ad can be updated at any time up to the last day.  This feature (for any kind of upgrade to AG) will not be available after the completion of the advertisement period. Note: – One Time Registration (OTR) is a helpful module for candidates to speed up AG online.  Doing so will not be considered as an online application in any advertisement of the Commission.  Therefore, after doing OTR, the candidate has to apply online in the relevant advertisement in which the candidate will be responsible for the mistake.  .  Application Fee: (1) Non-reserved male / female candidates can pay the application fee in any of the following two ways:  Take a copy of the printed currency and go to the nearest port office with computer facility, pay Rs.100 / commission fee + portal service charge in the port office by 01/12/2050 and get the currency for payment of fee.This currency and confirmed  The application form should be kept by the candidate and only when requested by the Commission the application form along with the enclosures and a copy of the fee paid currency should be sent by RPAD | Speed ​​post or given in person at the Commission. 2. Online Fee:  Click on “Print Challan” and fill in the details and there click on “Online Payment of Fee”.  ભ भ ૨ वी.  After depositing the fee, it will be written on the screen that your fee has been credited and you will get an e-receipt, whose print will be deleted, if there is any defect in the process, it will be seen on the screen that your fee has not been paid.  (2) Candidates of general category residing outside the state will have to pay Rs. 100 / – for the examination at the post office and get the currency for paying the fee, or these candidates will have to pay Rs.  Name codes will be able to deposit fees from Indian portal orders.  (3) Candidates will have to pay different fees for Preliminary Examination and Main Examination.  Out of which, at present, the examination fee has to be paid only for the preliminary examination.  (3) Candidates of reserved category will not have to pay application fee if they apply for non-reserved post.  (2) Candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Tribes and Socially and Educationally Backward Classes and Physically Handicapped who have adopted Buddhism from the original Gujarat do not have to pay examination fee, (1) Ex-servicemen do not have to pay application fee, (2)  ) Refund is not available after payment.  (2) is eligible to be filed without paying the fee.  Candidates who have not paid the fee will not be allowed to sit for the Preliminary Examination Main Written Test under any circumstances.  The fee post office |  3 will be accepted only through vote banking.  In cash, demand

From the draft, this fee will not be accepted in the form of Indian Postal Order (excluding candidates in the general category residing outside the State) or Pay Order, which candidates should take special note of.  (2) In the case of designated persons who have migrated from East Pakistan on or after 1st January 19, if the Commission is satisfied that the candidates are unable to pay the fee, the appropriate fee will be waived.  (10) A request for refund of fee after application to the Commission shall be accepted or the fee shall not be reserved as for any other examination or selection.  .  Important Notice: (1) Candidates are not allowed to take any cellular phone, pager or any other mobile communication equipment with them in the examination room, for violation of which the candidate will be subject to national education in warnings.  (3) Candidate will not be able to use CQUALT 2 in the preliminary examination.  (3) Special notice to the candidates that, during the scrutiny of the application form and certificates, if any candidate is found to be ineligible as per the rules of the place and the provision of advertisement, his candidature will be canceled at any stage.  .  The following applications will be rejected.  (This list is only in the form of teeth which is not complete) (1) The details shown in A2G are incomplete or inconsistent, (2) Candidate has not uploaded the signature in the application, (3) A2G has been sent by dress or by e-mail.  (3) Passport size photograph is not uploaded in the application.  (3) Candidates of reserved category have not submitted a copy of the certificate issued by the competent authority along with the application form, (2) Ex-serviceman candidate has not submitted a copy of the discharge book (3) Candidate has not submitted a copy of the marksheet / degree certificate in respect of educational qualification.  (5) Copy of SS, C, E, certificate for date of birth has not been made.  (2) The candidate has shown experience in the application form (on the basis of which eligibility is to be determined, but the certificate in support of which has not been registered or the certificate issued should indicate the duration of his experience, basic steps, total salary and type of experience.)  If not, the certificate of experience is on the letter pad of the institute and without the signature of the competent authority,  .  Action Against Candidates Convicted of Misconduct: Candidates are cautioned not to display any false information in the application form as well as conceal the required information, in addition to any correction or alteration or any other tampering in the original documents or their certified copy.  Not to do or they do not produce such tampered / forged documents, the same thing in two or more documents or its certification (if any kind of inaccuracy or inconsistency is found in the clause, clarify the discrepancies. Any candidate.)  If convicted or found guilty by the Commission, (1) to qualify in any way regarding their candidature, (2) to give an examination by changing the name, (3) to have fraudulently completed the work by another person, (4) to forge  Scanning while uploading documents online, (2) printing important matters or making inaccurate or false statements, (3) resorting to any regular or improper measures regarding their entitlement, (2)  7  (Iii) Used any inappropriate instruments during the test, (2) Incorporated obscene language or vulgarities in the textbook, (3) Misconduct in the examination room, such as copying the answer book of another candidate.  (10) Harassment of employees appointed by the Commission in connection with the conduct of the examination, for any misconduct in copying any printed or written relief, such as books, guides, slips, or by communicating or in any symbolic manner or in copying other candidates.  Inflicting or causing any kind of bodily injury

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