WhatsApp communities: Know the new features in WhatsApp

 WhatsApp communities: Know the new features in WhatsApp, how much work do you need?


WhatsApp Communities: Community Futures of WhatsApp has been launched. Know how useful and how these futures will work. You can know the benefits of these new features from the article given below.
WhatsApp Update Features: Mark Zuckerburg, the head of Meta, has given information about the new features in his Facebook post. He said that the trial of the new Communities Feature has been started.
Mark Zukerburg wrote in his post, ‘The way of communicating online is changing. Most of us use social networks and feeds to find interesting content and stay updated. Along with focusing on security and safety, we have added features like video chat, voice message, story and payment on WhatsApp and Messenger.’
WhatsApp Communities
 If we look at the community features of WhatsApp like this, it will work only as a group, then what will be the benefit of these features of WhatsApp to the user.
 First of all, let us know where the community features are provided in WhatsApp, then let us tell you that you can see the image given above that the community features are now being seen on the left side where the features of the camera were provided earlier. So let’s now tell its benefits.
With these features you will be able to add many groups within the community at once.
 These features will allow people to join the same community.
 You can add a maximum of 50 groups
 An announcement group can contain up to 5,000 members.
How to build a community?
 To become a community you first need to click on the community tab.
 Then it remains to describe the purpose for which the community is created.
 You can now set community profile features, and you can keep the community name up to 24 characters.
 By tapping on the green arrow icon, you can make your groups part of a community or create a new group.
 After adding groups to the community, finally tap on the green check mark icon.



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