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Do you know what is One Time Password or OTP and why it is often said that you should never share OTP with anyone, we will know in this post today, in today’s time all business is going online, so you They also want to do all their work sitting at home such as depositing electricity bill, recharging mobile, all the banking work, etc. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of all service providers to ensure that their customer’s personal data and account security is completely protected. OTP SMS was introduced to make this service better.
Today, whenever you use online payment on mobile phone or computer or you login on any social media like Facebook, What’s App etc., then the code is sent to your registered mobile number for verification, this code is called OTP (One Time Password) In this post I will tell you what is OTP SMS and where it is used What is OTP SMS.

What is OTP SMS

OTP means One Time Password, also known as One Time Pin, it is the password for any computer or digital device that can be used only once, OTP is a security of 4 or 6 digits. is the code which is sent to your registered mobile number as SMS
 If you make an online payment, then to complete that transaction, you get an SMS on the registered mobile number called OTP (One Time Password) which is paid only after filling it there, you often noted while making the payment. It will happen that without entering OTP, your payment cannot be completed, even if you enter the wrong OTP, your payment is not done.
Apart from this, even if you login to any website like Google Pay, Phone Pay etc., OTP comes on your registered mobile number, which you are able to login only after filling, OTP is used only once.

 How OTP is generated How OTP Generated

Algorithms are used to generate OTP, in this two inputs are used, first is Seed and second is Static Value which never changes, it is generated at the time when new account is created and moving factor changes. That’s why we get a new OTP every time

 In this, OTP is valid for short period on the basis of time-synchronization between Authenticator Server and Client.
 A new password is generated based on the mathematical algorithm

Why OTP is used

OTP password is more secure than common password Normal Password is created by the user himself to secure his account. Normal Password can be broken by any hacker in a short time, so all online service companies use OTP password. So that your account is completely safe
 This OTP is sent to you by the service provider company either through OTP message or by voice call or on your mail, which makes it clear to the company that the user is an Authorized User, thereby completing the user’s account. stay safe.

Do not share OTP with anyone

Often you will get a message that you don’t share your OTP  With Anyone. Plays an important role in preventing the theft of money from your bank account, if your debit card, credit card is lost somewhere and if someone tries to do online transaction with him then he will need OTP and OTP will always be on your registered mobile number only. It comes in such a situation that someone may ask you OTP, but you do not share OTP with anyone.


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