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Who knows why the word exam has become a word of concern for everyone, starting from students. Indeed, through evaluation, we get a chance to go above and beyond where we are, but more than that, the performance will be weakened. As a teacher, we have to make sure that the student does not get scared or stressed with the arrival of the exam. That is why we have to prepare our students for the exams in the true sense. When the teaching work is going well, directly or indirectly. We have reached out to every student. Then the result of the exam is going to be good, it is like giving confidence to us and the students. After we have done our best, we have to prepare the students for the exams. Sometimes it is possible to ask only what you do not know in the exam, due to which the result of the examinee is not really good. So sometimes it can happen that if you ask as much as you know, the result will be good. The physical and mental condition of the exam day also affects the result of the exam. There are a number of reasons why the test results may be different than expected and when this happens a lot of stress arises. It is our job as teachers to prevent this from happening. No exam is the final exam, we have to give such strong faith. Even a weak result, once it hurts, can be strong enough to recover with interest. There are heaps of such examples. Let’s make it a point to equip our students for the exams by putting it up to the students and also create a situation where they get pleasure from the exam which gives them stress, let’s work together. If this happens then we have done a great job for the children !!!



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