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 According to the above subject and context to state that today Hon. Under the Chairmanship of Minister (Education), Hon. Online presence of the Secretary (Primary and Secondary Education), a meeting was organized with the officers connected with primary and secondary education, Gujarat State Primary Teachers’ Association and National Teachers’ Association. Taking into account the positive suggestions by the officers present in the Sadar meeting and the members of the Gujarat State Primary Teachers Association and the National Teachers’ Association and taking into consideration the National Education Policy 2020 to verify the educational achievements based on learning outcomes of the students, it was decided to stop the centralized periodic test (examination) and instead of doing periodic school evaluation. came Therefore, instead of centralized periodic test (examination), school periodical evaluation system has to be implemented. In this regard, it is hereby informed to inform the schools at your level by considering the following instructions and take further action. 1. A question bank consisting of multiple questions (statements) to measure learning outcomes based on that learning outcome was typically administered to all schools in the state in a centralized manner, rather than periodic tests with the same set of questions being administered to all schools in the state. It will be prepared and given to the scPortal

2. From the question bank for measuring one learning outcome as indicated in rank-1, each school shall select the question / questions as indicated for answering the question and the school shall prepare a 25-mark evaluation sheet for the students and conduct periodic evaluation. 3. Schools will be made available through Online Attendance Portal (https://schoolattendancegujarat.in/) as well as on each school’s e-mail ID through Shiksha to get regular question bank. The Learning Outcome Based Question Bank can be downloaded one hour before the school starts on the day scheduled for School Level Periodic Assessment. From the said question bank, the evaluation process has to be carried out by carrying out the process as indicated in the above order-1 and 2. 4. Other instructions given for the evaluation method from the referenced letter-1 shall remain unchanged. 5. The question bank to be given to the school on 23/07/2022 will be available in Gujarati medium. The questions selected by the schools of other medium have to be translated. and implemented at the school level in that medium. Also, the first language. assessment sheet of class 6 has to be prepared by oneself and implemented in one’s school. 6. Sadr periodic evaluation system will be implemented in government primary schools. Rest of the Granted and Independent Schools can implement it voluntarily.




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