Provided some shortcut keys, which make our work faster and easier. Getting used to using certain keys instead of working with the mouse is very useful. Try each key and you will find a permanent job.

 Ctrl + C

 This key is used to copy text or a file or a folder.

 Ctrl + V Shift + Insert

 This key is used to paste pasted text or files.

 Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + Y

 This key is used to retrieve a typical typo.

 Ctrl + F

 Finding a specific word seems to work. Works very well in Word, Excel.

 Alt + Tab or Ctrl + Tab

 The two keys are used differently. Alt + Tab After pressing Alt you will press Tab, so that you can see the number of programs opened one by one, and go directly to the program you opened. Doing the same thing with the mouse will take more time. Now we need the details of the second key (Ctrl + Tab).

 If you work in Google Chrome or Firefox and have opened multiple tabs at once, you can quickly navigate to that tab.

 You can also use the Windows + Tab key in Windows 7.

 Ctrl + backspace and Ctrl + -> and Ctrl + <-

 This Ctrl + backspace key will help to delete the whole word.

 Similarly, Ctrl + -> and Ctrl + <- keys are used to move a word back and forth.

 Ctrl + S

 This key is used to save any document.

 Ctrl + Home and Ctrl + End

 The key you use in the document is used to go to the beginning of the document and the other key is used to reach the end.

 Ctrl + P

 This key is used to print programs that are open.

 Shift Right Arrow Key and Shift Left Arrow Key

 Sometimes it is difficult to select with the mouse. And in the same way with shift with up and down arrow keys the whole line will be sealed.

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