Std 6 To 8 Science Activity Equipment

List of activities and equipment in science subject in Std. 6 to 8 based on new syllabus of NCERT in Gujarat

Std 6 To 8 Science Activity Equipment

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               The curriculum for standard 6 to 8 is NCERT based.  It is necessary to do activities to learn a subject like science.  The complete information on what kind of tools should be used in what are the activities in science in standard 6 to 8 can be seen here in the Mukel PDF.  Download the PDF of the name of the activities as per the chapter in standard 6 to 8 and the list of required equipment materials for each activity.  Every teacher and student should download this list so that the unit can be learned easily.

Std 6 To 8 Science Activity

Hydra bud formation chart, age and height percentage chart, ball speed, ball and footpath activity, magnet attraction – gravity, static electric force, water pressure, fluid wall pressure, fluid pressure at equal depth, uniform pressure, rubber suction, water surface  Size diffusion, Photosynthesis, parasitic nutrition, photosynthesis in the presence of sunlight, starch testing, taste testing, textile observation, silk test, temperature test, clinical thermometer observation, laboratory thermometer observation, temperature in the metal  Impact, heat project, Sprouted seeds, Measurement of seed length, Starch testing, Protein testing, Fat testing, Fabric sampling Weaving, weaving, weaving from Rs.

Std 6 To 8 Science Activity Equipment

Various magnet paper cup, stand, magnet, clip gajio magnet stand, magnet, cord compass iron piece, magnet needle, magnet, sponge bowl two magnets, two buggy doll, wave, waste items glass, ice paper, cans , Large container, water 2- container, candle, glass, matchbox beaker, tripod, spirit lamp beaker, clay, water, Small items such as choke, pencil, rubber, duster, nail, soap, ax, box , Salt, choke, sand, wooden hair, cup-3 liquid thing, water, glass glass small things like choke, pencil, rubber, duster, nail, soap, saw, box 4 things like, glass, water small cardboard box dressing Paper, Transparent Plastic Wheat, Gravel, Fossil Paper Sand, Wood Scraper, Dry Leaf Grazing, Flour, Square 2 – Glass, Distilled Water Beaker, Filter Paper, Sieve Beaker, Salt, Tripod, Candle Becker, Salt, Tripod, Wax Salt, water, sugar, Plastic cups, litmus sheets, droppers, tap water, detergent solution, soap, baking soda, salt, sugar, vinegar, lime water turmeric, blotting paper jasmine leaves, hot water dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, sodium Lime water dilute hydrochloric acid, phenolphthalein, cassava, dropper paper choke, water glass, water, salt tap, water, candle hexaw blade, candle magnesium strip, candle, water beaker, mothuthene, lol Soda newspapers, paper world maps, color, Plants, Iodine, Droper Bread, Water, Microscope Black Strip, Plants, Iodine, Dropper 2 – Kasnali, Iodine, Dropper, Boiled Rice Sugar, Salt, Lemon, Neem Pieces of different fabrics Laboratory thermometer metal bar, wax, candle beaker, footer, pencil, spoon, pen flask, stand, candle, water, potassium permanganate candle, Beaker, Water, Wheat Beaker, Slide, Soil, Microscope Beaker, Slide, Dirty Water, Microscope Fat, Yeast Powder  Beads, lace, U-pin stand, pallu, weights, cotton, wool, silk, nylon lace cotton and silk fabric pieces, water,Nail, charcoal, aluminum wire, pencil sharpener, hammer cell, wire, bulb, nail, coal, copper wire, sulfur cone, corrosion, litmus paper Textile, water Kasanli-2, dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute sulfuric acid, chandelier box Kasanli, copper sulphate, zinc sulphate, iron sulphate, granular zinc, nail, copper coil

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