Std 1 To 10 Bridge Course Class Readiness Gyansetu Useful Patrako Download For Gujarat Teachers|Gyansetu Upayogi Patrako

Gyansetu Useful Patrako Download

Std 1 To 10 Bridge Course Class Readiness Gyansetu Useful Patrako Download For Gujarat Teachers

Android application development is now becoming a need rather than luxury. This is attributed to the popularity of the Android smart phone. As the users of Android phones increase, a different market segment is being created. In these times of taut competition no business can afford to ignore even a single customer and this involves catering to a market segment that accesses the internet through the android phone. Now the websites need to be compatible with the Android phones too. Some of the factors that are vital for an excellent Android app development are as follows.

Gyansetu Upayogi Patrako

Concept Development:

Std 1 To 10 Bridge Course Class Readiness Gyansetu Useful Patrako Download For Gujarat Teachers|Gyansetu Upayogi Patrako

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The concept should be economically feasible when presented on the Android through the internet. The concept should be of some use to the Android users, then and then only it will be bought by them. The concept needs to be unique and not an exact replica of some application that is already present. If there is another application of similar kind, then extra or additional attributes have to be developed to appeal to the buyers of that application. If the concept caters to the current need of the users then the app developed can be made appealing and commercially viable. This implies that the start of the application development should be perfect.

Time Duration:

Time is a vital element in the success of an Android application. The Android application developed should be such that it takes the least possible time to set up. The process of this should be as simple as possible. The users can get irritated if the procedure to set up the application is complicated and takes a longer time. If the downloading time and the time required to operate the application is prolonged it could adversely affect the market of the application because the telecommunications service providers charge bills with reference to the time.


The user should find the application easy to use. Any application developer who is buyer oriented is going to develop the application in such a way that the buyer finds it easy to use. The more the utility of the application, the more popular it becomes. The popularity of the application has a direct positive influence on the success and revenue generating capacity of the application.

Development and Technicalities:

The conversion of the idea into concept and finally into an application involves a lot of technicalities and considerations. The developer should know the coding language thoroughly so that the application is compatible with the operating system and platform of the Android. The resolution of the content should be quite high. The use of the scroll bar should be minimized and if possible avoided. The application when finally developed should be an eye catcher. When the application is developed and about to be put forth the Android users, it is better to check its appearance and working on an Android phone.

Gyansetu useful patrako


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