School Re-Open Regarding Big Education News; 23 નવેમ્બરે શાળા ખુલશે કે નહીં

School Re-Open Regarding Big Education News; 23 નવેમ્બરે શાળા ખુલશે કે નહીં

શાળા બંધનું એલાન વડોદરા વાલી મંડળે 23 તારીખે શાળા બંધ રાખવા જણાવ્યું. વાંચો આજના અગત્યના શૈક્ષણિક ન્યુઝ અપડેટ્સ

◾વાલી મંડળ વિદ્યાર્થીઓને શાળાએ મોકલવા તૈયાર નથી
◾દિવાળી બાદ વાલીઓ પાસે સંમતિ લેવાશે
◾પ્રાથમિક અને હાઇસ્કુલના શિક્ષકોની ભરતી ટલ્લે ચઢી
◾દિવાળી એડવાન્સ માટે કર્મચારીઓ પાસે અરજી માંગવામાં આવશે

★ ધોરણ-12ની સ્કૂલો, કોલેજો અને પોલિટેકનિક શરૂ કરી શકાશે, વાલીની સંમતિ જરૂરી

👉 ન્યુઝ વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

શાળાઓ ખુલવા બાબતે આજનો લેટેસ્ટ દિવ્ય ભાસ્કર ન્યૂઝ રીપોર્ટ.

કોરોનાના કેસ ઘટી રહ્યા છે, શાળા-કોલેજ ખોલવાનો નિર્ણય બાકી.

સંભવતઃ કઈ તારીખ બાદ શાળાઓ શરૂ થવાની શક્યતા ❓

👉 વાંચો દિવ્ય ભાસ્કર ન્યૂઝ રીપોર્ટ.

શાળા-કોલેજ શરૂ કરવાને લઇ આજના મહત્વના સમાચાર તારીખ 3-7-2021

➖ શિક્ષણમંત્રી શ્રી ભૂપેન્દ્રસિંહ ચુડાસમાનું નિવેદન 👇

School Re-Open Regarding Big Education News; 23 નવેમ્બરે શાળા ખુલશે કે નહીં

Education News re-open school

Announcement of school closure The Vadodara Board of Trustees asked to keep the school closed on the 23rd.  Read today’s important educational news updates 15/11/2020

Wali Mandal is not ready to send students to school

  •  After Diwali, the consent of the parents will be taken
  •  Recruitment of primary and high school teachers has skyrocketed
  •  Employees will be invited to apply for Diwali Advance

Education News 15 November 2020 | ગાઈડલાઈન મુજબ સ્કૂલ ખુલતા જ શિક્ષકો પર વર્કલોડ વધશે શિક્ષકોનું રિવિઝન , દરેક ચેપ્ટરના ૩ થી પપિરિયડ ભણાવવા પડશે

Education News re-open school

As per the guideline, workload on teachers will increase as soon as the school opens. Teacher’s revision, 4th period of each chapter has to be taught.

 It is requested to check the literature given to the taluka center as per the excel sheet and accept the standard mirror diary and after receiving the literature, distribute it to the following schools immediately.  For standard 3 to 8, mirror diary has to be given in government primary school, ashram school (social welfare and tribal), model school, model day school, KGBV schools.  

After finding the literature considering the above matter, Darpan Diary CRC.  Please make the necessary order from your level to distribute to schools through.

Education News re-open school

Uchchatar Pagar Dhoran ni Bandhani Jilla Kaxae Sopva Babat – Rajya Prathmik Shikshak Sangh. Subject: – Matter of assigning higher salary standard salary at district level.  Sir, compliment to the Gujarat State Primary Teachers Union for informing the above subject research that at present U.P.Dho.

 7 Sevapothis are being accepted once a month in each taluka for approval.  Teachers recruited from 1997 to 2010 and fixed salary to all teachers till date have been given the benefit of seniority in a row by the Government. In addition to 1 lakh teachers from all over the state, U.P.  It has to be sent to Gandhinagar for approval and a service book has to be revised two to three times.

 At present only 25 service books are taken from each taluka every month so teachers will not be able to get this benefit for years.  So our humble request to Aap Saheshri is that most of the establishments in the state belong to primary teachers.  Therefore, instead of Gandhinagar for salary fixation only for primary teachers, the L.F.  To make arrangements to be approved by the office so that our primary teachers can get the benefit of UPD in time which is requested to be reduced.

According to Vande Mataram, with reference to the above subject and context: At present, students across the state cannot come to school due to the Kovid-19 global epidemic.  Given the current situation, the situation could be similar for the next two to three months.

Not all children seem to be enrolled in the current situation.  Also, the families living outside the village for work are currently going to their hometowns and they are also coming to Gujarat to get admission of their children in schools. They are also getting admission in government schools from private schools.  At present it is not possible to get complete information about the number of students.

In the quarterly report from July 2020 to September 2020 regarding the implementation of school safety policy – 2016, the work has been completed in all the indicators in the prescribed form. .Submitting quarterly report on the implementation of school safety policy in schools (2016) (July-20 to September-2020). The quarterly report on school safety Polls – 2016 has to be sent to the Hon’ble Supreme Court through MHRD Delhi by the Education Department as per the prescribed checklist included in the enclosure.

Note: – Earlier some districts have also sent the information of secondary schools coming under their jurisdiction, which is not appropriate so you will only send the information of all the primary schools here.Further stating that the District Education Officer and the Govt. Officer will have to send the information of school safety Polly – 2016 only to the primary schools coming under their jurisdiction (standard 1 to 8 primary schools) to the office here without any mistake. Those who do not come under the purview of the District Education Officer will have to send “zero information”. Make this a top priority.

Education News re-open school

Some principals and teacher friends have also tried to provide TV or smart phones to the students by raising funds.  Such a best practice by the entire education where the teacher / principal / CRC / BRC COO has made efforts to make digital education quality for the students by compiling the details and making it available to schools across the state is under consideration.

Education News re-open school Education News re-open school Education News re-open school

 Any initiative taken by the Primary and Secondary School Teacher Friends / Principal / CRC Beeper C Co.O.Shri which has benefited the students, has used any resources for the maximum benefit of “Home Learning” to the students,

 If any attempt has been made to distribute educational literature to as many students as possible, or if any innovative start-up for the benefit of students has been started, the page along with its details should be uploaded on Facebook-Workplace by 15th December 2020.  The above matter should be reported to all the teacher friends of your district, Principal, CRC / BRC Co.O.

School Re-Open Regarding Big Education News; 23 તારીખે શાળા ખુલશે કે નહીં

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