Std 4 December 2020 Unit Test Paper For Gujarati Medium Students


Std 4 December(Fifth) 2020 Unit Test Paper|Std 4 December Ekam Kasoti|Std 4 December PAT|Std 4 December Samayik Mulyankan Kasoti Paper

Std 4 December 2020 Unit Test Paper For Gujarati Medium Students

Std 4 Gujarati Medium December 2020 Unit Test (Ekam Kasoti) Paper

In this post, we have placed the question papers of the unit test taken in the standard 4 for Gujarati Medium Students in the month of December.  In December 2020, mainly two subject unit test will be tested. (1) Maths (2) Gujarati
What is a unit test?  For whom unit test?  What is the purpose of taking unit test?  On what date will the unit test be taken?  Detailed information about etc. is given in the post below.

ધોરણ ૪ ડિસેમ્બર માસની એકમ કસોટી 

Std 4 Gujarati & Maths December Unit Test

Std 4 December (Fifth) Ekam Kasoti 
Std 4 December 2020 Samayik Mulyankan Kasoti 
Std 4 December PAT
Dhoran 4 December Unit Test
Dhoran 4 December Akam Kasoti
Std 4 December Gujarati And Maths Unit Test
Dhoran 4 Gujarati/Ganit Ekam Kasoti
Std 4 Last Unit Test Of 2020, Std 4 Latest Unit Test,  Standard 4 December Unit Test
Std 4 December Month Gujarati Unit Test
Std 4 December Month Maths(Ganit) Unit Test

Download Std 4 December 2020 Unit Test Pdf, Download Std 4 December Ekam Kasoti

Std 4 December Unit Test For Gujarat Students

You can also Download Std 4 December Unit Test Solution Pdf

Program (Schedule) of unit test to be taken in standard 4 in the month of December

Medium Of Exam – Gujarati

Std – 4
Exam Name – Unit Test (Ekam Kasoti/PAT)
Total Marks – 25 Marks
Time – 45 Minute
Exam Date – 30/12/2020 To 31/12/2020
Exam Subject – Gujarati And Maths
Exam Centre – Every Home
Exam Supervisor – Student’s Parents
Date of delivery of hard copy and soft copy of unit test to students – 29/12/2020
Date of delivery of unit test book (answer book) to school for inspection by parent / student – 06/01/2021
So Download December(Fifth) Unit Test Paper And Solution Pdf file and enjoy…
Std 4 Home Learning Fifth Unit Test (Ekam Kasoti OR PAT- Periodical Assessment Test ) December 2020 (30/12/2020 To 31/12/2020 ) Available Here Download Pdf, Std 4 December (Fifth) Ekam Kasoti pdf download

Dhoran 4 Fifth Unit Test (December 2020)
Std 4 December 2020 PAT for Gujarati Medium Download

Std 4 Gujarati (Fifth) Unit Test(Ekam Kasoti) Paper, Std 4 Ganit(Maths) Ekam Kasoti December Month, Std 4 PAT Exam Paper December, Std 4 Home Learning Fifth Unit Test Paper Gujarati Medium Government Primary School, Std 4 Gujarati Unit Test Date 30/12/2020 To 31/12/2020,
Std 4 Maths Unit Test Date 30/12/2020 To 31/12/2020
Std 4 December PAT, Std 4 December PAT Solution

Circular regarding the planning of periodic tests for students of Std. 4  in the month of December.

 In the first semester of July, August, September and October, periodic assessment tests of academic subjects for students of Std.  You are requested to take further action from your level in view of the following matters regarding the routine test to be taken in the month of December.

Gujarati (first language) and mathematics test will be held in standard 3 to 8 in the month of December.

The above periodic assessment tests will be conducted on 30/12/2020 and 31/12/2020.

 By 29/12/2020, the test should reach the students in hardcopy or softcopy.

 On 29/12/2020, all the medium tests will be made available on the GCERT website ( as well as the Gujarati medium tests which can also be obtained from the QR Code on the textbook index of that subject.

 The above tests are expected to be written by the student from home under the supervision of the parent at the convenience of the parent and the student.  It is desirable that students take the test in a fear-free and stress-free environment as the purpose of the test is to know the student’s progress.

 It is desirable that the test answer books be delivered to the school through the guardian by 6/1/2021.

 Elementary schools that have announced a Christmas vacation will be able to change the dates of this test.  These schools will have to organize the test in such a way that the answer scripts of the test will be returned to the school by 6/1/2021.

Tests will be prepared keeping in view the learning outcome.  

The December syllabus of the unit test is as follows.

Std          Subject                           Chapter

3              Gujarati                               6

3              Ganit                                  8, 9

4              Gujarati                             8, 9

4              Ganit                                  8, 9

5              Gujarati                             8, 9

5              Ganit                                  8, 9

6              Gujarati                       10, 11, 12

6              Ganit                                   8

7              Gujarati                       10, 11, 12

7              Ganit                                   8, 9

8              Gujarati                        11, 12, 13

8              Ganit                               9, 10, 11

Note: The above allotment is for Gujarati medium schools.  The first language tests of other medium will include the chapter according to the syllabus of that medium.

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Importance Of Unit Test/What is Unit Test? 

This post is very useful for standard 3 To 8 children and teachers.  In this post we have put the unit test paper taken by Gujarat Primary Education Department. From this post you have put the pdf file of the unit test of Maths And Gujarati subject taken in standard 3 To 8 in the month of December 2020 which can be easily downloaded by children and teachers. Students are kindly requested that when you download the Standard 3 to 8 Gujarati and Maths Unit Test from our website you should write the answer yourself in the unit test notebook received from the school under the supervision of a parent without any help.

The unit test is known as “Ekam Kasoti” in Gujarati. The unit test is also often referred to as PAT. The full name of PAT is Periodical Assessment Test. PAT is called Samayik Mulyankan Kasoti in Gujarati.

The unit test is the question paper.  In which question papers are prepared by expert teachers according to the chapter in each subject in the textbook.

The unit test is very useful for continuous assessment of the student.  After checking this unit test by the teacher, the child is given the remedial task of finding the defect in which chapter and in which topic.  The teacher has to enter the marks of this unit test online within the specified time through the application “SaralData” of Gujarat Education Department.  That is why the Gujarat Education Department keeps a constant eye on how much achievement every student of Gujarat achieves through unit test. Every student is very interested in writing the unit test question paper.

Way Of Home Learning And unit test one of them

Various Home Learning Efforts have been undertaken by the Education Department of the State Government to ensure that education continues even though schools are closed during the covid-19 epidemic. Textbooks have been delivered to the students, broadcast on Doordarshan’s DD Girnar channel for students of Std. 3 to 8. Students of Std. 3 to 8 are also given a booklet ‘Let’s learn at home’ every month. Many schools also run virtual classrooms. Apart from this, educational programs can also be watched on Vande Gujarat channel and YouTube channel.
According to the Department of Education, continuous assessment is part of the teaching-learning process. On the basis of which remedial teaching can be done by knowing the raw material of the student. This unit test is not a formal examination, but is part of a continuous assessment. Based on the results of this test, besides the teacher, educated parents can also give necessary guidance by knowing the raw material of their children. In addition to this therapeutic education, one of the objectives is to make the necessary changes under ‘Home Learning Programs’.

Std 3 To 8 December Gujarati Medium Unit Test

Download Std 4 Unit Test Official website on 29/12/2020


Std 4 December 2020 Unit Test Paper For Gujarati Medium Students

Gujarati Unit Test Click Here
Maths Unit Test Click Here


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