preparing details of persons above 50 years and persons with other diseases below 50 years.

preparing details of persons above 50 years and persons with other diseases below 50 years.

Corona-19 vaccine is in the final stages of research and is likely to be available soon.  Which remains to be implemented in phases.  In order to carry out this operation effectively in the state, it is necessary to prepare a database with the names, addresses and mobile numbers of the citizens in different phases (1.) who are above 50 years of age and (2.) who have commodities below 50 years of age.  This is being done as part of pre-preparation for the data base to be ready within the time limit.  The guidelines from the Government of India for the preparation of database will have to be followed.  Therefore, this database will have to be prepared by the Municipal Commissioner in the area of ​​the Municipal Corporation and the District Collector and the District Development Officer in the area other than that and this whole operation will have to be coordinated and monitored.  The way teams are formed per polling station during elections for this operation.  In the same way, a survey team has to be formed and work has to be submitted according to the area of ​​the polling station.  And will be able to prepare polling station wise data.  The next date by this survey team.  House-to-house survey conducted from 10.12.2030 (Thursday) to 12.12.2030 (Sunday) Citizens living there (1) over 60 years of age (as on 01/01/2071) and (2.) 30  Work will have to be completed to prepare a separate list of people with commodities below the age of one year.  As well as Ta.  Surveyed from 19.12.2030 (Monday) to 16.12.2030 (Wednesday)


From the data, (1) people over 50 years of age and (2) people under 50 years of age who have commodities should be prepared separately.  Commodity includes cancer, organ transplants, kidney diseases, heart diseases, thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, HIV.  , Mental illnesses as well as other incurable diseases should be taken into consideration.  The arrangements made in this regard will be discussed by the Secretary of the Committee V.C. on Wednesday.  Details of the order and arrangements made for the formation of the Booth Wise team as well as the training and orientation given to them will have to be sent by 12:00 pm today.  In order for this work to be completed within the time limit, the work has to be done by submitting the work to the concerned officers / employees of all the districts / corporations.  In this regard, (1) over 50 years of age and (2) under 50 years of age SHAB al urladl stol 241851słu Hilari 42 Dt.  Must be sent in the accompanying form by 19.12.2030.

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