“PRAGYATA” Guide to Digital Education In Gujarati|PRAGYATA- Digital Shikshan Mate ni Margdarshita

 “PRAGYATA” Guide to Digital Education In Gujarati|PRAGYATA- Digital Shikshan Mate ni Margdarshita 

"PRAGYATA" Guide to Digital Education In Gujarati|PRAGYATA- Digital Shikshan Mate ni Margdarshita

The PRAGYATA Guidelines are prepared by the Department of School Education and Literacy, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India in Gujarati language.

Home Learning Program has been started by the Government in the time of COVID-19 to comply with the PRAGYATA and other guidelines issued by the Government of India regarding the teaching work from online class in the situation of COVID-19.  
The program seeks to engage students through various online platforms through live virtual classes with the aim of providing education to students at home and making them feel like children are studying in the school classroom.  In addition, online classes have been started locally by teachers from the school level.  PRAGYATA guidelines have been issued by the Ministry of Education, Government of India through CIET and NCERT for teaching work from the above online class.  The implementation of which is well translated into Gujarati and the guide is sent along with this for the action to be taken from your level.

The COVID-19 epidemic has disrupted normal life, including closing schools for safety.  It has affected more than 50 million school going children in the country.  Prolonged school closures can lead to learning disruptions.  To mitigate the effects of the epidemic, schools will need to rethink the teaching and learning methods that have been implemented so far, as well as introduce a proper method of delivering quality education both at home and at school.  While digital or online learning may not replace classroom learning, it has some advantages.  It allows the learner to learn at his own pace, flexibly and individually.  Content can be constantly enhanced and expanded through digital media.  Various government initiatives such as the rapid spread of the Internet and the Digital India Campaign have created a conducive environment for moving towards digital education, including the recently launched PM by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).  Complementary assistance is available through e-Vidya.  P.M.  E-Vidya is a national campaign that will integrate all efforts related to digital / online on-air education.  (Mock)), IIT Pal.  (Exam Preparation Platform), A.I.R.  (Via Community Radio and CBSE Shikshavani Podcast) and NIOS.  Includes study materials for disabled students developed by  M.H.R.D.  All these areas for e-learning will be developed in a systematic as well as integrated, phased manner.  The following guidelines have been prepared keeping in view the perspectives of the learners, focusing on online / mixed / digital education for the students who are currently at home due to the lockdown.  These guidelines also provide guidance or guidelines for advancing online learning, to enhance the quality of education.  This guide will be relevant and useful to a variety of participants, including school principals, teachers, parents, instructors and students.


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