Organizing District Level Educational Innovation Festival in the year 2020/21

Organizing District Level Educational Innovation Festival in the year 2020/21

ઈનોવેશન ફેસ્ટિવલના આયોજન બાબત -ડિસેમ્બર 2020

જિલ્લા કક્ષાના ઇનોવેશન ફેસ્ટિવલનું આયોજન કેવી રીતે થશે સંપૂર્ણ માર્ગદર્શિકા by GCERT

Planning of Innovation Festival – December 2020. A complete guide on how to organize a district level innovation festival by GCERT

The year 2020/21 will see the completion of the Educational Innovation Festival held online at the taluka level.  After the taluka level, now the district level Educational Innovation Festival has to be organized for which the following instructions have to be taken into consideration.

 1. Taluka / District Level Educational Innovation Festival will be funded from the grant allotted by EDN 16L Educational Innovation Festival.

 2. The ancillary expenses related to the Taluka, District Level Educational Innovation Festival will be borne by the EDN 16L Educational Innovation Festival.

 3. Necessary guidance for innovation to be introduced by the district level has to be given from the diet level.  As well as those who join the guidance camp for the main innovation will have to pay a seat allowance as per the rules.

 4. As per the letter dated 24/03/2017 of GCERT, the members of Taluka and District Level Evaluation Committee will have to spend refreshments / meals as per the rules as well as pay TA / DA and seat allowance.

 5. Certificates will have to be given to the participating teachers at taluka and district level.

 6. District level Educational Innovation Festival is asked to be completed by online mode by 10/01/2021.

 7. With the completion of District Level Educational Innovation Festival, three innovations of selected primary school as well as two innovations of secondary-higher secondary school and training institutes (total 5 innovations) for state level Educational Innovation Festival will be held on 15/1/2021.  Parth Teraiya (9426682929) should be sent to the cell.


 8. Every Diet Innovation Festival should be organized to showcase the maximum number of innovations.

 9. For the organization of District Level Education Innovation Festival, the accompanying guidelines for Education Innovation Festival 2020-21 should be used.  Also, for more information, please contact Parth Teraiya.

Guidelines for District Level Education Innovation Festival 2020/21

Teachers of all primary and secondary schools of the district, lecturers of educational training institutes and students and individuals and institutions working in the field of education will be able to participate in the district level innovation festival.

During the year 2020-21, in any kind of correspondence or presentation in a public place, we will recognize this festival as “District Level Online Education Innovation Festival 2020/21”.  Will remain.

This year, the district level education innovation festival will be done through online mode, so instead of the festival banner, online certified banner or certified slide will have to be used.  In which he has to write the logo of DIET and the name of his district.  All other information must be kept the same.  PDF, JEPG and PPT files for this will be sent to each DIC.

 A maximum of 5 (five) selected from each taluka out of which three primary and two other entries will have to be invited to the district level innovation festival.  District level Education Innovation Festival online platforms like Microsoft team or Google meet etc. can be used.  The link for which as well as its schedule will have to be informed in time to the teachers related to the 5 entries selected from the taluka level.

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 District level online education innovation festival for the year 2020/21 date 10 January- ૨?  Must be completed by 2021.

 It is mandatory to register the teacher online on the new portal, which should be ensured by every DIC friend.

 It is desirable that the DIC of the district level Education Innovation Festival joins the KRP of their district.

 What experiments can be presented at the Innovation Festival?

 If the new experiment is still going on and is being introduced for the first time, consider it as a new experiment of Preliminary level.

 Innovative experiment which has been started in previous years and which has been completed in this year and its effects and results can be seen and statistical and detailed information showing the situation before and after it is available (has completed a cycle of implementation.  If a new addition or modification is being introduced to the experiment, consider it a new experiment in the intermediary cell.

 Innovative experiment that has been started in previous years and which has been completed this year and its effects and results are visible and statistical and detailed information is available showing the situation before and after it (has completed two or more cycles of implementation)  .  In addition, if a new experiment is being introduced by adding a new addition or modification, then consider it as Advanced.  This means that if the original innovation experiment is presented for a single standard or a school or a subject and at the end of two or more implementation cycles it should be useful for other subjects, for 4/6 schools or even for other standards.  And that new experiment should be repeatable or suitable for large-scale expansion.


 Evaluation process of innovation

 1. The new experiment presented will be evaluated by the visiting teachers and the district level evaluation committee.

 2. Formation of District Level Evaluation Committee (any 5 of the following)

 State level first three entry in the primary department as well as secondary / upper secondary / DLA.  It is therefore advised to send only the first two entries in the section.

 If the first three in the primary section and the secondary / upper secondary / DLA.  Only the work in which the number of entries exceeds the prescribed number due to the equivalence of the first two ranks in the section will be considered valid.  In such cases GCERT has to be informed in writing by DIET in day-02.

 After the completion of the district level innovation festival, by 15th January 2021, all the information of the selected innovation should be sent to the new innovation cell, Gandhinagar.

 The same information will also have to be submitted on the portal within the given time limit.

 2 booklets of new experiments prepared at district level should be sent to GCERT at state level.


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