Sarkari Karmachari no Income Tax Kapat ni Ganatari Mate 11/11/2020 no Paripatra

Sarkari Karmachari no Income Tax Kapat ni  Ganatari Mate 11/11/2020 no Paripatra

Sarkari Karmachari no Income Tax Kapat ni  Ganatari Mate 11/11/2020 no Paripatra

Employees / officers whose income is subject to income tax during the financial year 2020/21 are required to submit details of their income as well as savings / investment in the accompanying form.  This is to send the form in its own PAN number (including Correct by 30-11-2020 to the relevant Cash-1 or Cash-2 branch of the department). Assessment Year 2021/22 (Fiscal Year 2020/21)  ) The following two options are given for calculating income tax.

 If the accompanying sample self-assessment statement is not received by the said date, after deducting their income, assuming that they have not made any savings, deductible income tax is deducted monthly for the period from December 2020 to February 2021 Will come.

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Employees / Officers will have to invest the savings as shown in the self-assessment statement during the current financial year.  If they fail to do so, they will have a personal responsibility.

 If additional income tax is to be deducted by the employee / officer due to change in savings, it will be deducted from the salary bill of the concerned employee officer for the month of February-2021.

 3. Directly recruited Class-3 and Class-4 employees who are on temporary duty at the Establishment of the Minister, who have Income Tax PAN as well as who file returns regularly, as well as those whose total annual income is Rs.2, 50, 000 / –   Therefore, the employees who have more will have to send their self-assessment statement to the Cash-1 / Cash-2 branch within the stipulated time limit to get Form No. 16.  Employees whose Self-Assessment Statement is not found here will not be entitled to get Form No. 16.


 4.  It has also come to the notice of the department that some employees / officers have stated that they will save, but in fact such investment is not made by them, which is a very serious matter.  Due to non-deduction of income tax deductible for this reason, the withdrawal and distribution officer of the department is responsible, but at the same time the concerned officers / employees are also indirectly responsible.  In order to avoid the above circumstances and not to face the causal notice of the Income Tax Department, the employees / officers who have to submit proof of their savings investment to the withdrawal and distribution officer of the department by 15/2/2021, otherwise they have not saved or invested.  Assuming that, the deductible income tax will be deducted from the February 2021 salary.

  5.  Employees / Officers who have gross gross income of Rs.  Will have to give.  In addition, employees / officers who have not obtained Permanent Account Number (PAN) will have to obtain PAN immediately and submit the proof in writing to the concerned cash branch.  In addition, the employees / officers who have obtained PAN should immediately submit a Xerox copy of their PAN CARD to the concerned cash branch, otherwise they will not be given Form No.16.

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