NISHTHA Talim Phase-2 : Talim ma Na Jodayela Shixako ne Jodava Babat paripatra

NISHTHA Talim Phase-2 : Talim ma Na Jodayela Shixako ne Jodava Babat paripatra

NISHTHA Talim Phase-2 : Talim ma Na Jodayela ane Baki Rahi Gayela Shixako ne Bija Tabakka ni Talim ma Jodava Babat paripatra

Subject: Integrity Teacher Training And letter from GCERT regarding attachment of Teachers and Head Teachers

M.H.R.D. And 18 courses of Loyalty Teacher Training organized by GCERT under the instruction and guidance of NCERT. Made during 5 October 27 November 2020.

In the second phase, all the 18 courses will be resumed throughout the month of December. In which the teachers who could not get this training for any reason can be attached. BRC at taluka level And C.R.C. Since the coordination of the loyalty training has to be carried out by the coordinators, B.R.C. And C.R.C. It is very important that the coordinators are well acquainted with the 18 courses of Loyalty Teacher Training.

With this in mind, in the phase starting from December, all BRCs And C.R.C. Coordinators are required to join. This training will be started on the Diksha platform in the form of Nistha on Diksha course for the period from 01 December to 31 December 2020.

B.R.C. And C.R.C. Coordinators will be able to join the course through the initiation platform. One can join this training through As well as a video explaining how to log in to the Nistha on Diksha course and how to fill out a self-declaration form can be seen by scanning the QR code given next to it.

All BRCs in your district And C.R.C. In order to provide necessary instructions to the coordinators to engage them for the purpose of receiving loyalty training from your level as well as the district level for its proper management and necessary planning. The BRC who also joined him in the training. And C.R.C. Ensure that coordinators benefit.

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The duration of the BISAG broadcast

Congratulations on the above subject, that due to the current Koro-Kovid epidemic, the educational work at the school level has been stopped and the educational activities are being carried out through home learning.

Which is why children studying in school do not have to come to school. So that the N.S.A. – As per the provisions of 2013 and Mid-day Meal Scheme Rules-2015, food security allowance is paid to the children by the government as per the prescribed amount in which the cooking cost amount is credited to the account of students / parents as well as distribution of food grains (wheat, rice) to the parents of registered beneficiary children.

Is performed . Therefore, as per the resolution of the Government, the centers of mid-day meal scheme cannot be inspected. Therefore, during the course of the educational work, as per the norms of the Government, your office as well as the officers / supervisors of the district / taluka level office under your jurisdiction were conducting the inspection / inspection as per the prescribed day, considering the current Kovid-19 epidemic. The social distance should be maintained by following the instructions of the health department. (16-03-2020) Food Security Allowance has been paid since the closure of schools. )

NISHTHA Talim Phase-2 : Talim ma Na Jodayela Shixako ne Jodava Babat paripatra


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