Matter of issuing appointment order to the candidates allotted to the school under Government Higher Secondary School Education Assistant Recruitment Year 2019-20.

 Matter of issuing appointment order to the candidates allotted to the school under Government Higher Secondary School Education Assistant Recruitment Year 2019-20.

સરકારી ઉચ્ચતર માધ્યમિક શાળા ઓમાં શિક્ષણ સહાયક ભરતી વર્ષ 2019-20 અન્વયે શાળા ફાળવણી થયેલ ઉમેદવારોને નિમણૂક હુકમ આપવાની કાર્યવાહી કરવા બાબત

Sir, regarding the above subject and reference, to state that in the notification of the Department of Education dated 15/11/2019, as per the number GH / SH / 105 / SMS / 1011/258 / G.1.  With the announcement of 17/11/2019, online school allotment has been allotted to the candidates as per the recruitment of teaching assistants in government higher secondary schools.  Candidates will be able to download online school allotment letters from 16/11/2030 to 16/11/2050 and be present at the district headquarters on 16/11/2040 to get the appointment order.  Pursuant to the following instructions, it is hereby instructed to take appropriate action regarding the appointment order to the candidates.  Necessary Instructions:> According to the main recruitment process in that district, the place of document verification of the candidates should be kept at the same place for issuing appointment order.  (The document verification place of that district is mentioned in the online school allotment form of each candidate.) You will find the details of the candidates allotted to your district by logging in to the DEO LOGIN given earlier as per the recruitment process.  The details of the school allotment of the candidate will be available to you by entering the tat number of that candidate and the details of the present-absentee of that candidate will have to be displayed online by selecting the OPTION of ABSENT / PRESENT.  The PRINT as per the requirement of the appointment letter of the present candidates should be obtained online and 1 copy of the appointment letter signed by the District Education Officer should be stamped in it and given to the candidate in person.  > Affidavit of affidavit stating that the candidate is an Indian citizen and has not committed any criminal offense against him as well as prescribed affidavit of a Gazetted Officer stating that he is well-behaved


The certificate has to be submitted while appearing in the office of appointment.  Nakhi appointment can be obtained with the order.  Each candidate will be required to provide a copy of the affidavit and a copy of the certificate along with the appointment order.  – Candidate will be present at the district center with a copy of his school allotment letter (or FDF in mobile), all original certificates / marks sheets / documents and his self attested copy.  Considering the Corona epidemic situation and the duration of Dipotsavi festival, if the candidate could not get a hard copy of his school allotment letter and the candidate downloaded the school allotment letter in his mobile and submitted it in soft copy at district level, it would be considered acceptable.  – Before giving the appointment order, the district office has to submit the original marks / certificates / documents of the candidates and its self attested copy for 3 months.  – In case of qualified candidates from out-of-state universities, the appointment order has to be given to the candidate by the district office only after verification of the marks / certificates from that university as well as other required grounds.  It is expected that the verification of certificates from the District Education Officer level will be completed within a month.  – Resolution No. P.A.E.  As per the provision of / 1/2017 / Single File – 6 – K, the candidate has to submit the prescribed appointment on stamp paper of Rs. 100 / – in the prescribed form within 1 month from the date of receipt.  Which will be binding on the candidate.  (Bail sample available on the website – If the candidate is COVID – 19 positive / Quarantine / Contentment zone, if the candidate has given his authority letter to another person at the indicated time and place to get all the relevant grounds co-appointment order.  Necessary process has to be done from the district level to give concession in the date of attendance in the school accordingly. Or the instructions given by the government under COVID-19 have to be strictly followed at the place where the appointment order is given.  It should be noted in the roster. – Special care should be taken to ensure that no appointment order is issued to any candidate other than the list of candidates given in the DEO LOGIN.


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