e Rickshaw Assistant Sachem 2020 Full Detail; રીક્ષા ખરીદવા માટે 48000 રૂપિયા સહાયની યોજના


e Rickshaw Assistant Sachem 2020 Full Detail; રીક્ષા ખરીદવા માટે 48000 રૂપિયા સહાયની યોજના

e Rickshaw Assistant Sachem 2020 Full Detail; રીક્ષા ખરીદવા માટે 48000 રૂપિયા સહાયની યોજના

This department is functioning in accordance with the Gazette No. (1) taken to meet the challenges of climate change in the state.  This department carries out various activities related to Climate Change Mitigation and Climate Change Adaptation.
 In order to reduce air pollution in the cities and to make battery powered vehicles prevalent in the use of the people by this department, from the list of this section (2) taken in the aforesaid reading from the year 2018-19, battery operated tri-  The plan was to provide assistance of Rs. 20,000 for a wheel drive (e-rickshaw).  Assistance of Rs. 30,000 / – for Lead Acid Battery vehicles and Rs. 40,000 / – for Lithium Ion (Lithium Lon) batteries from the revised list of this section of Reading Number (3). Including individual beneficiaries and institutional beneficiaries across Gujarat.  The giving plan was implemented.  Under this scheme, assistance was provided for first battery operated three-wheeled vehicles powered by Lead Acid batteries.  The matter of increasing the financial assistance of the vehicle was under consideration of the Government.

 Lithium ion (lithium ion) with 5,000 individual and institutional beneficiaries across Gujarat under the scheme of subsidy for battery powered three-wheelers for the purpose of reducing carbon footprint under the activity of climate change mitigation in the state.  The subsidy (assistance) of Rs.  The scheme will be implemented across the state by the Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) under the implementation department.  

Administrative approval is given subject to the following conditions for implementation of the said scheme in the year 2020-21.

 1. The expenditure incurred under this sanction shall be subject to the budgetary provision of that year and within the limits of the grant allotted from time to time by the Finance Department.
 2. Adequate budgetary provision should be made for the present work in the current and next financial year subject to the existing rules.
 3. Expenditure in this regard shall be made in the prescribed manner in accordance with the provisions of the resolutions / circulars and rules applicable to the State Government from time to time.
 4. The principles of financial fairness shall apply to the costs incurred in making this approval.
 5. Grants allocated under this approval may not be used for any other purpose.  The remaining amount will have to be surrendered by the end of the year.
 6. The conditions prescribed under the scheme shall be strictly adhered to.
 7. In case of any change in the norms of the existing scheme and the amount of assistance, orders of the State Government shall be obtained in this regard.
 8. If the base seeding of the beneficiaries under this scheme is required, action will have to be taken accordingly and the subsidy of Rs.
 9. The benefit of this scheme will be available to individual and institutional beneficiaries.  In the selection of individual beneficiaries, priority should be given to rickshaw pullers, women entrepreneurs, the disabled, young startup entrepreneurs, educated unemployed and among the institutional beneficiaries, co-operatives, pilgrimages, non-profit organizations, local bodies and educational institutions should be given priority.
 10. Received offers from manufacturers of three-wheelers by advertising through GEDA and its technical aspects.  Based on the verification, GEDA will have to prepare a list of approved manufacturers. The said manufacturers will have to submit the type approval certificate of the vehicles from the recognized organizations under Rule 126 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.  Manufacturers registered under the said scheme shall strictly abide by the above rules and the amendments made to it from time to time.
 11. In case the number of applications for availing the benefit of this scheme is more than the prescribed number, the selection of individual beneficiaries as Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Women, Disabled, Members of Extremely Poor and Poor Families declared under Socio-Economic Survey and Economically Backward Beneficiaries without reserved category.  Priority should be given to selection accordingly.
 12. Beneficiaries under this scheme must have the required driving license to drive a battery powered three-wheeler under the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 and its subsequent amendments.
 13. The models and prices of these vehicles have to be determined by Expression of Interest (Eol).  A representative of the Office of the Commissioner of Transportation shall be present at the time of Eol.
 14. Models of approved three-wheelers from approved manufacturers and their prices should be announced on the website.  The implementing agency will have to develop and promote the required portal for receiving online applications in addition to offline.  Such vehicles will have to be sold directly to the beneficiaries of the scheme, excluding the amount of subsidy received from the Government of India by the approved manufacturers.  The required documents in this regard will have to be verified by the implementing agency as well as the required documents will have to be maintained.
 15. The conditions approved by the Department may not be changed under any circumstances without the prior approval of the Department otherwise the full responsibility for the same rests with the Enforcement Agency.
 16. The scheme will have to be advertised through electronic and print media.  And the beneficiaries will have to apply within the stipulated time limit.
 17. Every three months the implementing agency will have to submit a report on the physical and financial progress of the scheme and statistics to this department.
 18. In addition to its experience based suggestions, the implementing agency will have to get feedback on the scheme from the beneficiaries and submit it to the department at the end of the current financial year.
 19. Resolutions and suggestions of the Central Government and the State Government in this regard from time to time shall be taken into consideration.
 20. This scheme will be implemented in the entire state of Gujarat.
 21. The final interpretation of the terms and bids of this resolution shall be deemed valid by this section.  In case of any difficulty while implementing the above scheme, the guidance of this department has to be sought.
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