Std 6 To 8 Science MCQ Of All Lessons 2020-21|Std 6 To 8 “Vigyan Sajjata” 2020/21 MCQ For Teachers And Students

Std 6 To 8 Science MCQ Of All Lessons 2020-21|Std 6 To 8 “Vigyan Sajjata” 2020/21 MCQ For Teachers And Students

Std 6 To 8 Science MCQ Of All Lessons 2020-21|Std 6 To 8 "Vigyan Sajjata" 2020/21 MCQ For Teachers And Students

Science is the ultimate truth manifested through realization!  Science is achieved when empirical knowledge is combined with foreknowledge.  Science leads us to the solid truth.  The journey of science is truly an endless journey to find the truth.  Let’s take one step so that the lock of taking another step grows.  This inner lock leads us to the unsolved mysteries of the universe, which is why the life of many scientists has become a “journey of happiness” so far.  NCF-2005’s concept of science is based on new ideas, scientific approach, the art of contracting in federal education, extracurricular education, scientific values, creativity, development of reasoning, etc.  The built NCERT guided curriculum will continue to equip students with new dimensions for future challenges.  The MCQ based “Science Readiness” booklet has been prepared here with the auspicious intention that the children of every district of Gujarat will also be equipped for all these matters.  This booklet has been prepared with the basic intention that students of Std. 6 to 8 will be immersed in science subject.  This booklet will be very useful to the students in Merit Festival, NAS, NMMS as well as various competitive examinations.  Congratulations to the authors, mentors and reviewers for the honorable service of their knowledge and skills in preparing this booklet.  Congratulations also to the teachers working under ICT in preparing the booklet.  I would like to thank GCERT, Gandhinagar for reviewing this entire operation and also thank them for their support and courtesy for the printing of the booklet.  The main features of this booklet are as follows.
 Optional questions based on maximum study findings per unit are included.
Inclusion of students’ understanding and application based questions.
Structure of NCF-2005 based queries
Advanced MCQ booklet with scope answers to continuous assessment of students under the title “HOT (Higher Order Thinking) type maximum questions in each chapter my readiness”
OMR sheet for continuous assessment of students Hopefully, this booklet will be useful to speed up the work of all of you in the classroom.

 Science is a great boon for human beings.  There is no event in human history greater than science that no one has noticed.  Science is the only factor responsible for the sorrows, problems and needs of the whole world.  It can be said that the development of human beings and society is connected with its development.  Science has also removed ignorance along with human misery.  It has worked to make life easier, faster and more convenient by solving various problems of human daily life.  In short, science has played a significant role in making human life better.  Entering the home, farm, factory or personal life in the form of science and technology has made our time pleasant.  This work of science is a servant work.  But when we spoil our servant, the form of that servant and his system of work come to a halt.  We are all personally responsible for this.  The understanding of the above is built on the science subject in primary schools and the medium is our textbooks.  The subject matter given in the textbook is understood by the teacher through class teaching work.  Students try to understand this understanding throughout the unit, but it is also necessary to do an assessment to ensure its understanding.  A variety of in-class and out-of-class assessment techniques are implemented for this assessment.  This system also involves the use of questionnaires.  I am delighted that a ‘Science Readiness Complex’ of interesting questions covering various ways of asking questions is being published by Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Mehsana District.  I am confident that this innovative work of Mehsana district will be helpful for educational quality while various efforts are being made for educational quality through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.  Greetings to the donors who contributed financially to the publication of this ‘Science Readiness’ envelope and to all the subject matter experts, mentors, assistants involved in the construction process.  The expectation is that this package of ‘Science Readiness’ will be able to make the science subject powerful, interesting and class helpful.

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