Implementation of “Manodarpan” helpline.

Implementation of “Manodarpan” helpline.  

The entire world, including students, is going through stress due to the covid-19 epidemic.  To overcome this stress, MHRD, New Delhi has prepared a guide to “Manodarpan”.  In which how to come out of the adverse effect on the mental, physical, social and emotional development of the students’ health.  As well as how to come out of the corona effect on society.  The stress generated during the epidemic, the students affected by it, etc. are covered.  As well as showing how to get out of all this and live a healthy life.  Which has to be implemented in all government schools and KGBVs of the district.  For this, the guide of “Manodarpan” is included with this.  Also available on MHRD, New Delhi’s website free number 8448440632 is also provided for resolving any kind of psycho-social stress related problems. Also all government schools of the district and KGBV are informed for the publicity of Child Helpline No. 1098.

 Guidelines for promoting mental and social hygiene for school children during and after the Covid 19 epidemic:


 Psychoanalysis is an initiative of the Ministry of Education, New Delhi, aimed at helping as well as promoting the psychological and mental well-being of students and adolescents across the country.  The disease is not only a serious medical concern, but a mixed emotion and psycho-social stress for all.  Children and adolescents may be more sensitive and experience intense levels of stress, anxiety and fear, along with other emotional and behavioral issues.  Such unexpected and sudden changes also need to be addressed from an educational point of view.  Teachers as well as sympathetic family members can be helpful in reducing the fear of children and adolescents during this time.

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 General instructions for all:

  Investigating the causes of COVID-19 with authoritative sources, including health officials – A true understanding of COVID-19 will help reduce fear as well as help avoid rumors or misleading news and avoid rumors.  Use a handkerchief or tissue paper above as well as avoid going to social gatherings etc. Set deadlines for social media, watch television and focus only on trusted sources.  – COVID – Find positive and optimistic stories as well as pictures of locals suffering from 19

  Instructions for teachers: –

 Learning with life skills-

 Encourage children to read and share things they have read or learned outside of textbooks.

 Engage in sports activities –

 Drawing / painting or storytelling can help them express their feelings in a safe and supportive environment that eliminates feelings like fear or discomfort.

 Provide support to children with special needs.

  Get guidance from the school principal / teachers or special educators about the child with special needs and also contact the local medical officer if necessary.

  Promoting creative activities:

 Ask the children to write new creative and positive stories about being at home as well as how the children spend their time with the family.

 Listen to the children well:

 Listen carefully to children’s difficulties, dispel doubts, reassure them.  Build hope and support emotionally in solving problems.

  Become a role model:

 Kids are very discerning and closely monitor your actions.  Teachers can be role models to help relieve their stress.

 Healthy lifestyle:

 Waking up, waking up for good mental health.  Schedule a healthy and balanced diet, study and time of each activity.

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  Provide official information:

 Positively discuss the facts about Covid-19 and spread the facts that will help reduce fear as well as stay away from rumors.

 Advice and suggestions for students:

 Learning can be interesting: –

 Students can go beyond teaching with creative thinking during this time, learn household chores and also help younger siblings as well as parents.

 Enjoy a new way of learning: Reading books, making models, playing games and cooking is also a form of learning.

  Be responsible: –

 Be responsible for study schedule and leisure time.  Educational work, chores, playing in the daily routine.  Communicate with friends and relatives on the phone or use technology as well as spend time with family.

 Time Management: 

Schedule meals and bedtime.  Set aside time for some outdoor exercise as part of your daily routine – such as simple breathing exercises, yoga, rope jumping, etc.

 Time for family-

 Board games, cards, carom, antakshari, etc. can be played in family time.

  Use positive language instead of negative language. 

 Listen to and observe your language.  “Oh, I’m off at home;  Tell yourself instead – well.  I prefer to stay at home and be safe.

 Healthy Diet: 

Food is for nourishing the mind and body.  Choose a healthy balanced diet and easily available foods and help your parents cook and cut.

Learning with friends -: 

Life skills can also be learned online with friends.

 Online Platforms: Online classes are a great opportunity to learn.  These classes will help education in the long run.

  Suggestions and advice for parents and families: –

  As a parent, you make sure that you listen to your children and accept their difficulties.  Clarifies their doubts, reassures them.  Provides hope and provides emotional support in solving problems You can play an important role in doing this, or create a routine for children at home.  Meals, learning, and play time may be included.  – Assign children simple tasks to do during the day such as (watering the plants. Helping to arrange clothes / books, play materials, helping younger siblings learn, etc.) Engage your children in activity based learning such as puzzles, drawing, painting and paperwork  – Encourage children to create a diary in which they can write down their feelings, emotions about themselves or others. Enable the child to participate in online classes if possible and let the children do all the activities just like their normal activities – Let the children ask questions, their  Listen carefully to questions and any concerns – Tell children that it is natural to be confused, upset and anxious at such times. – Be a role model for your child. –  Just as important during this time, children will want more engagement with their parents and will also be more likely to seek parental help in each of their activities.  Be.  Tell them interesting jokes or stories.  – Engage in constructive activity with them so that you feel responsible for them and contribute to the efforts for their own and their family’s safety – Ministry of Education launches a web site and  Toll free number 84484410632 has been declared.

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