“Gujarat Dipotsavi” Ank – 2020 By Govt.Of Gujarat

 “Gujarat Dipotsavi” Ank – 2020 By Govt.Of Gujarat 

"Gujarat Dipotsavi" Ank - 2020 By Govt.Of Gujarat

On Diwali, the illumination of hundreds of thousands of lamps gives the impetus to enter the new year with upward resolutions.  The new year is about to knock on the door of the upliftment of life with new vigor and sense.  To move forward.  The soul of one whose mind and heart is enlightened must be enlightened.  Many sunlight also fills the water in front of Atmajyot.  On the occasion of this Dipotsav, we all Gujarati brothers pray to the Most Gracious God to light the light of our own soul and make a sincere effort to brighten the country, state, society, family and ourselves.  On the occasion of Dipotsavi Parva and New Year of Vikram Samvat-207, which shines a light on Timira, I wish all the Gujarati brothers of Gujarat a Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year.  The festivals of India are truly folk festivals.  Every festival is celebrated with joy with loved ones, friends and family.  Diwali means Dipotsav, this glowing festival of twinkling lamps.  Diwali is a unique folk festival that illuminates the glory of light with the manifestation of light to remove darkness.  The darkness of ignorance cannot survive when every individual and family moves forward together in this festival for the spread of the light of knowledge and sacrament.  This year has been a tough test for all of us.  Due to the strong will of the state government, the resourcefulness of the Gujaratis as well as the coherence of the administration which has made Karmayog, Gujarat has been leading in every field of development even in the difficult times of the Koro epidemic.  Every Gujarati brother has faced Korona face to face.  Instead of watching Ho Vakasi, all of us Gujaratis have taken a bath in front of Korona from Narbankai.  Gujarat has done an exemplary job in setting up large scale covid testing, tracking, treatment, special covid hospitals as well as bank initiatives in plazas to control the transmission of corona during disasters like the global epidemic Covid-19.
Patient recovery rate in Gujarat is much higher than other states.  Mortality rate is decreasing day by day.  Due to the cooperation of diligent traders and hardworking people of Gujarat, public life and industry are being restored.  The government has infused innovative energy in the citizens and frontline Corona Warriors by giving the slogan “Gujarat will win, Corona will lose” to Gujarat which is fighting against Corona.  The key to decisive development |  There is a heritage.  The people have been at the center of all decisions of a pro-people government built on a strong legacy of public trust.  Bhagirath work is being done in the direction of delivering the benefits of public welfare campaigns and schemes in every corner of the state in proper coordination with the district administration.  Let’s make a good resolution at the beginning of the new year so that the coming days will be auspicious for all of us by truly eliminating the negativity and realizing the goal mantra of development for all.  Let’s become an active participant in the development journey of Gujarat.  Gujarat’s development has never stopped and will never stop.  The Gujarat government has always stood on the side of the masses.  I believe in the yeast of the people of Gujarat, I believe in the strength of 12 crore arms.  We will all show our strength to speed up the development journey of Gujarat by passing the difficult time very fast.  The Gujarat Dipotsavi issue has a prominent place among the writers and readers of the state.  Enjoying all kinds of literature in one book becomes accessible in Dipotsavi issue.  Congratulations to all the writers, thinkers, poets, illustrators and illustrators for sharing their literary creations with the literary aficionados of Gujarat Dipotsavi issue.  Happy Diwali and Happy New Year to all Gujarati builders …. Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat …
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Dipotsavi Ank 2020

Vikram sanvat 2076

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