Beware of the youth of Gujarat … Thugs are looking for ways to earn in the Koro epidemic.  Thugs are playing with the unemployed youth of Gujarat.  Advertisements have been printed for 2500 posts in Gujarati newspapers.  There is a scam going on in the name of government positions.  The game of thugs has been exposed by VTV News.
In the Corona epidemic, thugs are looking for ways to make money
 Thugs playing with the unemployed youth of Gujarat
 False advertisements have been printed in Gujarati newspapers for 2500 posts
Gujarat youth beware of government job advertisements.  The youth of the state should not fall prey to such enticing advertisements.  In order to deceive the youth, false recruitment has been issued under the names of Business Development Officer, Customer Service Officer, District Officer, Computer Operator (Work From Home), Data Entry Operator (Work From Home), Rider (Work From Home).  A big ploy is being hatched by the thugs to deceive the standard 10 and 12 pass youths.  An advertisement has been placed in the newspapers in the name of Gujarat Employment Service.  The advertisement says to pay Rs 300 per application form.

 What fraudulent advertisements did the swindlers give in the news?

 In an advertisement published in a Gujarati newspaper, it has been stated that the jobs that can be done sitting at home without the help of Kovid-19.  Online applications are invited for filling up of the following vacancies as per 11 months contract in all the cities, talukas and districts of Gujarat.  We are working with the staff of Kovid-19 with less staff so that all the interviews will be conducted by phone, all the forms and fees will have to be filled online as well as all the correspondence will be done through e-mail of which special note should be taken.

 The ad is incorrect because …

 The public information given in the newspaper is completely false.  Because, it is suspicious to do all the transactions online in the advertisement, interview on phone, correspondence through e-mail.  There is a website with a mixed name like government website.  The talk of government positions is wrong.

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