“Chetana” Training For Primary Teacher

“Chetana” Training For Primary Teacher

"Chetana" Training For Primary Teacher

Matter of 361 DigreeMinds Consulting pvt.ltd providing online training (Chetana) to teachers

 361 DigreeMinds Consulting pvt.ltd under the entire Shiksha IED branch is currently working in many districts of Gujarat to provide online training Chetana for the identification, guidance, educational activities and others of disabled children.  In order to be useful for the development of disabled children in coordination with the training teachers provided by the institute in the above matter, it is necessary for each teacher to complete 100% of the online training.  The above training should be completed seriously by all IED coordinators in coordination with the teachers on a priority basis.

Consciousness Online Training Certificate Download Problem Solution

 The certificate is not downloaded after completing the training during the Teacher Friends Consciousness online training.

 A complete understanding of how to download the certificate is given in this video.

 It may take some time as the server is slow but the certificate will be 100% downloaded.

 Teachers are required to undergo online training for identification, guidance, educational activities of disabled children.

 Write the code of the teacher code in the able training in Emp ID.  (If we do not have a teacher code, login to school attendance on SSA, the X file will be downloaded on Registered Teachers and the teacher code will be available there)

 The name of the district will be selected below.

  Then login.

 Pass this information on to all teacher friends so that they can be useful.

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Chetana” Training For Primary Teacher




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