COACHING-MSJE – Scheme of Free Coaching for SC and OBC Students []

COACHING-MSJE – Scheme of Free Coaching for SC and OBC Students []

COACHING-MSJE - Scheme of Free Coaching for SC and OBC Students []

Central Sector Scheme of Free Coaching for SC and OBC Students 
1. Background i ) The empowerment of the weaker sections has been a priority area of concern for the Government since independence . A number of plans and programmes are being implemented for assisting them so as to enhance their skills and capabilities for ensuring rapid economic development and integration in the national mainstream . ii ) A scheme for providing free coaching to students belonging to Scheduled Castes ( SCS ) was started during 6th Five Year Plan . Similar schemes were also being implemented to provide free coaching to students belonging to Other Backward Classes ( OBCs ) and Minorities . With a view to ensure effective implementation and monitoring and to assist the students in a better manner , the separate coaching schemes for SCs , OBCs and Minorities were amalgamated and a combined Scheme , namely , ‘ Coaching and Allied Assistance for Weaker Sections including Scheduled Castes , Other Backward Classes and Minorities was introduced with effect from September , 2001 , iii ) After creation of a separate Ministry to handle matters relating to the Minorities viz . the Ministry of Minority Affairs , the Scheme underwent further revision in April 2007 for removing the minority component from the ambit of the scheme and to accommodate other changes deemed necessary at that point of time . The last revision of the Scheme came into effect from 01.04.2016 . 2. Objective The objective of the Scheme is to provide coaching of good quality for economically disadvantaged Scheduled Castes ( SCs ) and Other Backward Classes ( OBCs ) candidates to enable them to appear in competitive examinations and succeed in obtaining an appropriate job in Public / Private Sector . 3. Courses for Coaching The courses for which the Coaching will be imparted shall be as follows : i ) Group A and B examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission ( UPSC ) , the Staff Selection Commission ( SSC ) and the various Railway Recruitment Boards ( RRBs ) ; ii ) Group A and B examinations conducted by the State Public Service Commissions ; iii ) Officers ‘ Grade examinations conducted by Banks , Insurance Companies and Public Sector Undertakings ( PSUs )

(iv ) Premier Entrance Examinations for admission in ( a ) Engineering ( eg . IIT – JEE ) , ( b ) Medical ( eg.NEET ) , ( c ) Professional courses like Management ( eg . CAT ) and Law ( eg . CLAT ) , and ( d ) Any other such disciplines as Ministry may decide from time to time . v ) Eligibility tests / examinations like SAT , GRE , GMAT and TOEFL . vi ) Entrance examination tests for CPL courses / National Defence Academy and Combined Defence Services . 
4. Distribution of slots amongst types of competitive examinations 60 % of total available slots shall be allotted to the coursesfor which qualifying exam is graduation ( Bachelor’s level ) . 40 % of total slots shall be for thecourses for which qualifying exam is Class 12 . 
5. Category – wise Ratio of Candidates The ratio of SC and OBC students to be coached under the Scheme will be 70:30 . In case of non – availability adequate number of candidates in a particular category , the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment can relax this ratio . 
6. Eligibility criteria for students Only students belonging to SCs and OBCs having total family income from all sources of Rs.8.00 lakh or less per annum will be eligible for benefits under the Scheme . However , SC / OBC candidates belonging to a Minority community shall not be eligible under this scheme and can apply under the similar scheme of Ministry of Minority Affairs.Following guideline shall be followed for income certificate Income declaration of self – employed parents / guardian should be in the form of a certificate issued by Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar . Employed parents / guardians are required to obtain income certificate from their employer . Employed parents / guardians should obtain consolidated certificate from Revenue Officer for any other additional source of income . The students must have secured the minimum marks in the qualifying examination of the competitive exam for which coaching is sought , as prescribed in the guidelines of the said competitive exam . However , if the student has still not appeared for the said qualifying examination , or if the student has appeared and the result has not been declared , the marks obtained in the Board / Degree exam just prior to the qualifying exam shall be taken into account . If the number of eligible applications received is more than the given slots , the selection will be done in the decreasing order of the marks obtained in the qualifying exams . ( iii ) For the competitive exams for which the qualifying exam is class 12th , benefits under the scheme will be available to a candidate only if the candidate has passed class 12th or is studying in class 12th as on the date of receiving the benefit under the scheme . Further , in case of competitive exams for which the qualifying exam is at bachelor level , only students / candidates having completed the bachelor level course or studying in the final year of the bachelor degree course at the time of receiving the benefits under the scheme shall be eligible . iv ) For such examinations which are conducted in two parts , Preliminary and Mains , priority in the selection will be given to those students who have at least once qualified the preliminary examination . v ) Benefits under the Scheme can be availed by a particular student not more than twice , irrespective of the number of chances he / she may be entitled to take in a particular competitive examination . The student will be required to submit an affidavit that he / she has not taken benefit more than twice under the Scheme . vi ) The candidate shall be precluded from availing any other scholarship benefits of similar scheme of the Centre or State Governments . The candidate will be required to upload an affidavit indicating that he / she is not availing scholarship from any other similar scheme of the Centre / State . A list of beneficiaries availing the scheme will also be uploaded on the website of the Ministry and shall be shared with States / UTs to avoid possibility of simultaneous availing benefits of similar scheme by the candidate vii ) Where the competitive examination is conducted in two stages viz . Preliminary and Mains , the candidates will be entitled for free coaching for both the examinations . They will be entitled for free coaching upto two times each for Preliminary and Main examinations as per their convenience . However , there will be no restriction in number of chances for coaching for Interview , if the candidate is selected for interview . 7. Mode of implementation The Scheme will be implemented in two distinct Modes and the student shall be free to choose any one mode for obtaining benefit under the Scheme . The Modes are as follows : Mode 1 : A total of two thousand slots ( seats ) will be distributed amongst reputed coaching institutes empanelled under the Scheme . The method of implementation is detailed in para 9 of the Scheme . Mode 2 : The Ministry will directly select a total of two thousand students as laid down in para 10 of the Scheme . These students shall have the liberty to pursue the coaching course in any institute of their choice . 8. Extent of Assistance i ) Fees In case of students studying in institutes empanelled under the Scheme ( Mode – 1 ) , the fee as mutually decided between the Ministry and the institute shall be paid to the institute , subject to thelimits for fees and duration of the course laid down in Annexure – 1 of this Scheme.  For students selected directly by the Ministry (Mode 2), the actual course fee of the institute in which the students is applying, which the institute charges course from general students, orthe prescribed course fee by the Ministry as per Annexure – 1 of the Scheme  , whichever is less, subject to the limits for fees and duration of the course laid down in the Annexure – 1.  If the course fee is more than this specified amount, the candidate has to arrange for the remaining funds from his / her own sources.  ii) Stipend Monthly stipend of Rs.  3000 / – per student will be paid for local students for attending the coaching class.  Similarly, Rs.6000 / – per student will be paid per month for outstation students.  The stipend will be paid till the duration of the course or for one year, whichever is less.  The stipend to each student shall be paid directly by the Ministry through DBT.  iii) Special Allowance Students with disabilities would also be eligible for Special Allowance of Rs.  2000 / – per month towards reader allowance, escort allowance, helper allowance etc.  having valid disability certificate (equal to or more than 40% disability).  This will be in addition to the stipend mentioned in para 8 ii) above.  9. Details of Mode 1 a).  Implementing Agencies The Scheme will be implemented through reputed coaching institutes / centers run by the: i) Central Government / State Governments / UT Administrations / PSUs / Autonomous Bodies under Central / State Governments;  ii) Universities (both Central and State) including the Deemed Universities and Private Universities recognized by the concerned authority;  and iii) Registered private institutes / NGOs.  b).  Eligibility criteria for Coaching Institutes for applying for Empanelment (i) The institute should be a registered body or run by any organization registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 / Companies Act, 2013 or any other relevant Act of the State / Union Territory.  The institute shall also be registered on the Darpan portal of NITI Aayog.  (ii) The institute should have been registered at least for a period of 3 years as on date of calling of applications from States / UTs / Coaching Institutes for empanelment by the Ministry ( iii ) The institute should have been fully functional for a minimum period of 3 years at the time of applying under this Scheme ( iv ) The institute must have proper infrastructure , including provisions for aadhar based biometric attendance for students and faculty , to meet all requirements for providing coaching in the courses applied for . c ) . Selection of Institutes 1 ) The proposals for empanelment of coaching institutes will be considered by a Selection Committee and recommended for selection based on their past record of performance and other criteria to be determined by the Selection Committee . The basic selection criteria for empanelment of an institute shall be its performance in previous three years which should be more than the basic performance criteria , in the course for which applied , as prescribed in Annexure – 2 . The institutes for providing coaching will finally be selected by the Ministry based on the recommendations of the Selection Committee . The composition of Selection Committee will be as follows : a . Joint Secretary , SCD – B , D / O SJE – Chairperson b . Director / DS , IFD , D / O SJE Member c . Director / DS , Deptt . of Higher Education – Member d . A representative of Niti Aayog – Member e . Two representatives from relevant background to be decided by the Ministry Members f . Director / DS , Scheduled Caste Division , D / o SJE – Convener ( ii ) The States / UTs will furnish a list of at least 5 and not more than 10 reputed coaching institutes with a proven track record of success in coaching in courses identified in Para – 3 here – in – above . The States shall submit the list of institutes within two months of calling of invitation to facilitate their timely examination and processing . The list of institutes received after the prescribed time limit shall not be processed . ( iii ) In addition to proposals received from States , the Selection Committee as indicated at Sub – para ( ii ) above may also propose empanelment of institutes which enjoy good reputation and record of performance in providing coaching . However , confirmation will be taken from the concerned State Government regarding proper functioning of the institute . If the response from the State is not received within a period of two months , the department shall depute its own team to the institute for assessing its suitability . iv ) On receipt of list of names of coaching institutes , the institutes will be addressed by M / O SJE to submit a detailed proposal in compliance with requirements of the Scheme along with their performance record in proforma as requested .

v ) Reputed institutes having branches in more than one district in a State will be given preference over standalone institutes . vi ) The Programme Division will carry out a preliminary screening of the proposals received from State Governments / UTs and also the institutes recommended by the Selection Committee and shortlist those , which prima facie satisfy the eligibility criteria and have all prescribed supporting documents . Such shortlisted proposals shall be placed before the Selection Committee . vii ) The institutes , once selected , will enter into an Agreement with the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment , Government of India with regard to the courses to be offered , terms and conditions of empanelment , fee structures , number of slots , duration of courses , furnishing of Utilization Certificates as per GFR , 2017 and Audited Statement of Accounts , maintaining physical and faculty related infrastructure prescribed under the scheme as amended from time to time . viii ) For the already empanelled institutes , the MoA will be valid for 3 years from the date of signing of the original MoA . Any newly selected coaching institutes during the year will be empanelled for a period of one year – extendable upto 3 years , subject to the Agreements with the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment . ix ) The Coaching Institutes will be provided maximum of two courses of 50 slots each at one centre . However , if the Institute is running only one course at a particular centre , then a maximum of 100 slots for that course will be allowed at that particular centre . x ) In 2020-21 a total of 2000 slots will be allocated to the institutes under this mode of the Scheme.As mentioned in para 4 of the Scheme , 60 % of total available slots shall be allotted for those courses for which qualifying exam is graduation . 40 % of total slots shall be for those courses for which qualifying exam is Class 12.Once the limit of 2000 slots is reached , no further empanelment will be done under the Scheme . Note : With a view to give the Scheme wider publicity , the coaching institutes will issue advertisement in the local newspapers , giving relevant details of the Scheme , and invite applications from the eligible SC and OBC candidates as per provisions of the Scheme . d ) . Funding Pattern The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment , Government of India will fund the entire fees for the coaching provided to selected SC / OBC candidates as per the terms and conditions of the Scheme , as mutually agreed to at the time of empanelment , subject to the limits for fee and duration of the course laid down in Annexure – 1 . However , the fee will not be more than the fee which institute is charging from its general category students for a similar course and also will not be more than the fee which the institute is charging for a similar course under a similar Scheme of any other Ministry / Department of the Central or State Government .
In the first instalment , 50 % of the total course feewill be released to the institute and 50 % of the total stipend shall be released to the students . In thesecond instalment 50 % of fee and balance 50 % of the stipend shall be released . e ) Process for application for grants i ) . The grant – in – aid will be in two parts – Fee and Stipend . The Fee Component will be paid to the Coaching Institutes directly and stipend will be paid through DBT into the accounts of the students directly . ( ii ) Immediately after the signing of Memorandum of Agreement ( MOA ) with the institute , the institute will be provided with a unique code through which it will register on e – Anudaan Portal- along with the details of the student including his / her Name , Aadhar number , address , account details , caste certificate , income certificate , details of educational qualification w.r.t. the competitive exam , prescribed affidavits from student etc. iii ) Grant – in – aid will be released to the institutes concerned in twoinstallments every year as detailed in Para 9 ( d ) of this scheme . The first installment of fees will be released to the institutes immediately after their proposal is received on the e – Anudaan portal and the details are verified at Ministry level . The first installment of stipend shall also be released simultaneously to the students directly by the Ministry through the DBT mode . iv ) After the completion of the coaching , the institute will submit Utilisation Certificate ( if due ) , details of expenditure made , complete audited accounts of the institute certified by a Chartered Accountant in respect of previous year’s funds , performance of previous years students ( if applicable ) and attendance details of the students during the coaching . After verifying all the details , the second installment of the coaching fee will be released to the institutes in reimbursement mode . The balance stipend will be paid to the students , as per their attendance , directly into their accounts through DBT . v ) The release of second instalment of funds will depend upon the satisfactory performance of the institute during the previous year as per the criteria fixed in the Annexure 2 of the Scheme . vi ) The grant – in – aid for the 2nd and 3rd year would be released to empanelled institutes only after receipt of due Utilization Certificate , list of students coached with the previous year’s grant , audited accounts in respect previous year’s funds and performance of students coached during previous year . f ) Selection of Candidates by the institutes While the institute shall ensure that all the conditions given in para 6 of the Scheme are complied with , while selecting the students under the scheme , the coaching institute can apply the academic criteria prescribed by the institute itself . However , the institute may relax these criteria for SC / OBC candidates as per terms to be laid down in the Agreement . In case the number of applicants for the course are more than the seats , separate merit lists shall be drawn up for SC and OBC candidates based on the criteria mentioned in para 6 ii ) . of the Scheme . g ) . General Provisions i ) The institute shall maintain full progress record of the coaching and selection of the candidates , online , ii ) The selected students shall attend all classes . The institute shall maintain aadhar based bio – metric attendance of the students and report the same on the e – Anudaan portal.In the event of any student remaining absent for more than 15 days in a monthwithoutassigning any valid and satisfactory reason , benefits of free coaching to him / her shall be discontinued under intimation to this Ministry . iii ) Grant – in – aid released to the institutes shall be dealt with in a separate account by them . The institute shall also maintain separate book of accounts for the GEA . iv ) The institutes shall utilize the grant – in – aid only for the purposes laid down in this Scheme.In the event of the grantee institute acting in contravention of this condition , the institute will be liable to refund the amount received with 18 % penal interest and other action , as deemed necessary . The institute will execute an Agreement Bond in prescribed proforrna to the effect that in the event of its failure to abide by any or at the conditions stipulated in the sanction letter it shall be liable to refund with interest thereon the whole or such part of the grant as the Governrnent of India may decide . h ) . Review of performance and monitoring of the institutes i ) Renewal of empanelment : There will be a review of performance of the coaching institutes at the end of the 3rd year of empanelment . The assessment will be based on the results of SC and OBC candidates provided coaching under the Scheme and the success rate enjoyed by coached students in clearing competitive examination for which he / she has received coaching for getting admission or employment in government / private sector . An institute must have a success rate as indicated in Annexure 2 for various competitive exams to be eligible for renewal for a further period of one year – extendable up to three years.In case of unsatisfactory performance of the institute , it will be automatically removed from the empanelled list of institutes . Any institute so removed will not be considered eligible for empanelment for a period of three years from the date of its removal from the list . ii ) The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment , Government of India reserves the right to conduct random inspection / check from time to time of any of the empanelled institutes .
iii . ) The Ministry of Social justice and Empowerment reserves the right to discontinue funding under the Scheme at any point of time if the performance of the coaching institute is found to be unsatisfactory . 10.Details of Mode 2 a ) .Number of candidates to be selected Under this Mode of the Scheme a prefixed number of serious and meritorious eligible candidates fulfilling the prescribed criteria shall be assisted . In 2020-21 , a total of 2000 candidates will be selected for financial assistance for coaching under the Scheme . Of these slots a total of 800 slots shall be earmarked for competitive exams having eligibility condition as Class XII ( e.g. NEET , JEE , CLAT etc. ) . Remaining 1200 slots shall be for competitive exams having eligibility condition as Graduation ( CAT , Civil Services Examination etc. ) . The seats will be distributed in the ratio of 70:30 between SC and OBC candidates . b ) .Process of application : ( i ) The scheme will be widely advertised through electronic media etc. giving summarized information about the Scheme . The applicants shall , after assessing their eligibility and suitability as per the eligibility conditions of the Scheme , will be required to apply online on this Ministry’s portal , i.e. . , along with details of course he / she intends to join . ( ii ) The portal will remain open for one month twice a year i.e. during July , 2020 and January , 2020 for receiving applications . The applicants will be required to upload their applications alongwith prescribed supporting documents . ( iv ) No offline applications will be entertained . Only online applications complete in all respects , shall be considered for assistance . All the incomplete applications will be summarily rejected . However , the rejected candidates will have the option to apply in the subsequent phases of selection . c ) . Selection of candidates : ( 1 ) On closure of the application portal , separate merit lists shall be drawn up of eligible candidates belonging to the SC and OBC categories , and within these categories for both the levels of competitive exam mentioned in para 4 of the Scheme , by the IT system itself , based on information submitted by the candidates . The applications will be scrutinized in the order of merit for ascertaining eligibility . Those applications not found complete , or if the applicants are found ineligible , will be rejected .
The order of merit willbe as detailed in para 6 ( ii ) of the Scheme . ( iv ) The merit lists so finalized will be placed before a Screening Committee set up by the Ministry , for making recommendation about selection of the candidates.The assigned number of candidates in the merit will be given the benefit of the scheme subject to verification of their credentials . The merit list shall be uploaded on the website of the Ministry . ( v ) Keeping in view the slots available for the year 2020-21 , 1000 candidates will be provided assistance in each of the two phases in the year . Separate merit lists will be drawn up for each phase . ( d ) . Release of assistance to the students ( i ) The course fee shall be released to the account of the beneficiary candidate in two instalments through DBT mode . ( ii ) After the selection and verification of credentials of the candidates an ” Open Assurance ” letter shall be issued to candidates stating therein the name of candidate selected , rank no , details of fee amount to be given under the scheme . This will be used by Candidates to contact coaching institute in which he / she wants to attend coaching . On receipt of admission confirmation / assurance from the Institute ; the Candidate will upload the same on the online portal . The first instalment of 50 % of the eligible amount will be released immediately thereafter . ( iii ) The candidate will be required to join the selected course within 6 months of the release of the first instalment . The remaining fee will be reimbursed after receiving proof of joining of institute by the candidate and deposition of the amount released as first instalment by the candidate to the institute . If the first instalment of the fee amount is not paid to the selected institute within a period of 6 months , this amount will have to be returned to the Government and second instalment will not be eligible . The candidate will be required to submit an affidavit in the prescribed pro forma that he / she would take admission in the coaching institute of his / her choice within six months of receiving the first instalment of coaching fee failing which he / she would return the money to the Ministry immediately . ( iv ) To facilitate the candidate , a letter will also be issued alongwith the 1st instalment of funds releaseindicatingthat the bala feeshall also be paid to th candidate after joining the course . 11. Performance and Monitoring of the Scheme : 0 A Technical Support Group ( TSG ) shall be set up in the Ministry to assist in scrutiny and processing of the applications , as well as for monitoring the progress of the candidates .
There will be a review of the performance of the selected candidates availing the benefits of the scheme based on the information obtained from the candidates about their success or otherwise in the competitive exams.  (iii) A provision not exceeding 1% of the total budget will be made to meet the administrative and allied costs of the Ministry for office equipment including computers and accessories, furniture, development of appropriate software, advertisements, engagement of personnel, etc.
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