The list of Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Gandhinagar states that the new Admission Card / Admission or Hall Ticket of Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET) 2020 to be taken on Monday 24 8 2020 has been placed online only for all GUJCET 2020. Candidates are requested to take note of the parents and principals of all the higher secondary schools of science stream in the state. The GUJCET 2020 exam scheduled on 31/3/2020 was canceled. Admission card / entry / or hall ticket with earlier download date 31/3/2020 will not be valid. And may not be used for admission of special note. Candidates appearing for the GUJCET 2020 examination will have to download their Admission Card or Admission from the Board’s website OR on Thursday 13/8/2020 from 18:00 pm. The card or primer or hall ticket must be downloaded. Candidates can also search the admission card from their own name and download it by filling in the details of date of birth. In addition, all the higher secondary schools of the state science stream registered with the Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education will be able to download and distribute the admission cards of the candidates for their school GUJCET 2020 using their own number or registered mobile number. Admission Card for GUJCET-2020 Will only be available online. Which will be valid for admission in the examination. There is no need to stamp the signature coin of the school principals on this hall ticket which will be taken into consideration. Further stating that during the examination the student has to take any one photo id proof along with the hall ticket such as Aadhaar card or driving license or the standard 12 main examination holistic ticket which should be noted.

The Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJKAT), which has been continuously postponed due to epidemic corona, will now be held on August 24. As a result, hall tickets for this exam have also been put online.

How to download hall tickets
Gujcet candidates will be able to download hall tickets from the website, or from 6 pm on 31st August 2020. In which you have to download the hall ticket by entering the mobile number or e-mail I-D and date of birth or application number registered in the application form for Gujcet 2020. Candidates will also be able to search hall tickets from their own name and download by filling in the details of date of birth. What are the rules

Hall tickets with the old date (March 31) will not be valid. Hall tickets will be available online only and do not require the school principal’s coin on it. Exam hall ticket).

A total of 1,25,781 students will attend
Earlier, the exam was scheduled to be held on March 31. But the epidemic was postponed in the wake of Corona. The Board of Education then decided to conduct the Gujcet examination on July 30. However Corona announced a new date of August 22 at the end of the uncontrollable. But due to the festivities, the date was changed and it was decided to take the exam on August 24. A total of 1,25,781 students from Degree Engineering, Degree and Diploma for Pharmacy, 44,888 from Group-A, 75,519 from Group-B and 374 from Group-AB will be present for admission in Pharmacy.


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