Circular dated 10/8/2020 issued by Gujarat Primary Education Director regarding 5th September 2020 Teacher’s Day program

 Circular dated 10/8/2020 issued by Gujarat Primary Education Director regarding 5th September 2020 Teacher’s Day program

Circular dated 10/8/2020 issued by Gujarat Primary Education Director regarding 5th September 2020 Teacher's Day program

 You are well aware that September 5th of every year is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. This year also, on the occasion of Teacher’s Day on 5th September 2020, it is requested to take the following action in your district.

5 September “Shikshak Din” 2020 Ujavani Babate Niyamak shree no Paripatra

(1) As per the order received from the Hon’ble Chief Minister due to the situation of Kovid-19 in the current year, the program could not be held at the state level at present, the best teachers at the state level, district level and taluka level maintained social distance. They are asked to be present and to be honored from there. (2) Certificate for State Level Award and Certificate, Brass Plate for School, Shawl, Scarf and Draft of Prize Cash will be given by the office here which should be obtained by the concerned district on 1/9/2020 in person from the office here.

(3) Grants will be allotted by the office here for the district and taluka level rewards.

(4) Hon’ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Hon’ble Minister of Education and Hon’ble Minister of State for Education will be present and provide guidance through BYSEG from the state level.

(5) At least one member of the local celebration committee has been present for the Teacher’s Day program. Maintaining social distance will make the program a success.

(6) The proposed outline of the program will be informed later if the program has been approved to be conducted through BYSEG in the current year.


(7) Organize the Teacher’s Day program as per the guidance received by the local celebration committee and considering the geographical, historical, cultural and economic situation of our district.

(8) During the Teacher’s Day program, the aim is to collect maximum contribution for each district on the occasion of Teacher’s Day and keeping this in mind, organize a program to collect maximum contribution.

(9) Yes Contribution can be kept for one week starting from 9th September Teacher’s Day.

(10) The amount of contribution collected during this program shall be credited to the following details

 Teacher’s Day contribution should be deposited in the following bank Name of the Account Secretary or Treasurer National Foundation of Teachers Welfare

Name of the Bank State Bank of India Main Branch Secretariat, Gandhinagar

Account No. 10 32 50 61369.

(11) The contribution collected from you shall not be sent to this office by demand draft and check in cash and shall be credited to the above mentioned State Bank account.

(12) To appeal to the industrialists of the historical complex of the district to contribute generously on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.

(13) Every District Education Officer, District Primary Education Officer and Govt.

(14) To send the report of Teacher’s Day celebration to this office in the name of the Deputy Director by 25/9/2020. Include a photograph of your district’s program and details of the contributions collected. (15) On the occasion of Teacher’s Day on 9th September, the program for the teachers to be selected for the award at the taluka, district level and state level is to be conducted in such a way that it does not exceed a maximum of 50 members.

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 Note: No organization should send cash contributions to the office here

The above officers will have to keep a daily account of the amount of contribution collected and as soon as the week of collection of contributions is over, the concerned officers will have to take immediate action to deposit it in the above mentioned bank and the said account.


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