30 -30 STEM Online Weekly Program Matter

 30 -30 STEM Online Weekly Program Matter

30 -30 STEM Online Weekly Program Matter OR 30-30 STEM Online Saptahik Karykram Babat

 I.I.T (Indian Institute Of Technology)Gandhinagar I.I.S.E.R ( Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research ) Pune has started an online weekly program called 30-30 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The purpose of the STEM program is to enliven the classroom by knowing the math and science features associated with the curriculum. Under this program, efforts will be made to overcome the fear of the students towards mathematics and science through interesting things related to the subject of mathematics and science. Questions asked by teachers during the program will also be answered. The program has been launched by the Hon’ble Minister of Education, Government of India by tweeting. Teacher friends have to register for the STEM program on the website 

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 The program is completely free. Starting from 16th August, the program will be aired every Sunday for 30 weeks from 4 to 5 pm on I. I. T. Gandhinagar’s “Center for Creative Learning” youtube channel https://youtube.com/IITGNCLI. The video description of each program will have 4 to 5 questions. Teachers who submit answers to all week program questions will be given a certificate for this training by the entire Shiksha Gandhinagar. In view of the above details, all the teachers of Std. 6 to 12 Mathematics and Science subjects of all the schools under your jurisdiction are encouraged to participate in the STEM program. 

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Hon’ble Secretary Shri Primary and Secondary Education Department Gandhinagar, 

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Hon’ble Director Shri Schools Office Gandhinagar, Hon’ble Director Shri Primary Education Director’s Office Gandhinagar, 

Hon’ble Director Shri GCERT Gandhinagar,

 Hon’ble A.S. P. D Mr. Head Office.

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